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Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse 10 January - Emotional Healing & Release

This full moon occurs at 20 degrees Cancer, on Friday 10th January at 18.21 UT.

It is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse visible from Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa. The Moon may simply turn a shade darker during the maximum eclipse.

Keywords are: Feelings, emotions, softness, vulnerability, strength, authority, responsiblity, tough action, pragmatism, transformation, destruction, Master Builder, faith, forgiveness, love.

The Moon will illuminate the sign of Cancer, encouraging us to feel, and operate from a place of emotional vulnerability. Cancer is the sign of nurturing and protection, Cardinal Water, ruler of the feeling realms. The Moon is at home in its own sign, where she governs the tides and the waters in our bodies. Emotions may be brought to the surface at this time, and the truthful expression of the heart is paramount in your relationships. This is a good time for emotional healing, taking sacred waters, and ritual bathing.

Cancer is all about softness and sensitivity, like a pearl that grows inside the oyster to shield it from harshness. Where could you be softer in your approach, more nurturing and caring in your connection? Where could you empathise more with those around you?

Cancer governs the mother and child relationship, and the home life. This could be a time to bring more love into your home and family, or take time to nurture your friends and let them know how much you love them. Sharing food, feasting and cooking for loved ones is a wonderful way to show this.

A Lunar Eclipse is an emotional reset; it is good to meditate at the time of the exact eclipse if you can. Even though it is penumbral, the energies will assist you in cleansing and renewing your heart, and making a fresh start.

The Moon is opposing the Sun at 20 degrees Capricorn, which is exactly conjunct Mercury (Casimi), and conjunct Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn, nearing their exact conjunction on Sunday 12th January. So we have a tight stellium of planets in Capricorn opposing the Full Moon in Cancer, also with Jupiter at 8 degrees Capricorn.

What does this mean? The Capricorn energies are strong and heavy right now, with the focus on discipline, responsibility, hard work, authority, business, pragmatism, and karmic return. The Cancer Moon is an opportunity to balance these stern energies and bring in some much needed sensitivity and empathy. People are feeling the pressure from the intense Capricorn influence, so there will likely be emotional release for some.

Capricorn presents an opportunity to build and become the master architect of our dreams. As long as we work with the natural laws, and listen to Mother Earth. The downside of Capricorn is being emotionally cut off, distant, aloof, and making ruthless decisions at the expense of human life, or animal and plant life. There is an overemphasis of this in the world right now, with corporations acting for profit over people and the planet. With the collective South Node in Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter, this callousness is being magnified and brought into focus for all to see. It is impossible to ignore.

With the powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, transformation is a real possibility. The truth is revealed and then healed. The situation is a bit like lancing a wound, and drawing the poison out. The more we bring in the softness of Cancer, and make love and forgiveness a part of our daily lives, we will transform the world around us. Cancer can also be tough, and refuse to budge. We need to take a tough stand with those who have become cut off from their hearts. It is time for all to wake up, because the responsibility of the earth belongs to all of us.

The ramifications of the Saturn Pluto conjunction will be powerfully felt all around the world. It is a time to see the results of past actions, and reap what we have sown. Pluto is actively destroying and transforming all that we have known, and Saturn the Master Builder is realigning and showing us the new path. We can create new building blocks from the ruins of the past. We can find stepping stones, and climb the mountain, against all odds. At this time, focus and intention are all-important. Your intention creates the pathway. Your focus takes you where you need to go.

Many earth changes are happening; our meditations and visualisations are having a powerful effect. While meditating on opening your chakras, take some time to send light to the earth chakras, in particular the Solar Plexus chakra at Uluru, Australia. We are all in this together. As we balance the Cancer Capricorn axis, we bring balance and healing to all.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 09.01.2020

Katy Sophia 09.01.2020

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