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Full Moon in Aries 10:10 Portal – Full Manifestation

The Full Moon in Aries is potent and supercharged, bringing high frequency energies through for major new beginnings. This is a time to reflect on your achievements and see how far you have come. It is time to ignite the God spark within and embody more of that essence, bringing more power and light into your everyday life.

The Sun is conjunct Venus in Libra, illuminating the energy of harmony, beauty and love. Opposite the Moon and Chiron in Aries, shining light on the collective wounding of the toxic and distorted masculine, and the wounding of the feminine. It is time for healing to happen in relationships, and imbalances to be restored within us. It is time to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world, and raise the bar in human relations.

Aries is the initiator; the warrior of fire who is born anew in the flames; the spirit that descends into matter; and the potent energy of life force and kundalini. In this time of balance, with the Sun midway through Libra, we exist in between worlds. The sun is shining in the pale blue expanse of sky, most of the trees are still green, however there is a chill in the air and some of the leaves are turning copper and gold. The Aries moon illuminates the fire buried deep within us, that will activate new life when we join with our creative potential.

The opposition of masculine and feminine energy is powerful. It is vital to remember that sex is the energy of creation, and all things contain masculine and feminine components. The seventh hermetic law is the law of gender; it states that all things contain male and female energies, which unite with an electromagnetic charge to birth new worlds. These energies exist within us, and as we embrace this, we are able to experience greater harmony between men and women, and all our relationships. As above, so below, as within, so without, and Mother Nature holds the key: She is the teacher and the remedy.

A grand trine in air with the Sun, Mars and Saturn allows for interesting communications to flow. With Mars, the ruler of Aries in Gemini, this lunation should be vibrant and communicative. Energies that were blocked or delayed during Mercury retrograde will start coming back now. There is so much firepower in this Moon that communications may seem harsh or abrupt, and some people may experience anger, irritability and frustration. You may be keen to express your truth, and say what you will no longer tolerate.

This full moon synchronises with the 10:10 portal on Monday 10 October. The double ten vibration is all about manifestation. Ten shows you the results in the physical world; the consequences of your thoughts, words and actions are all showing up now. Of course, this is both positive and negative, and mastery is all about awareness and control of the shadow. What have you striven to manifest, what have you worked hard to achieve? Everything you have is something you have manifested for yourself in the past. If you see the fruits of a shadow not yet mastered, take heed and cut the root now. Work with the fire energy of this moon to burn away all obstructions.

What seeds are within you that have not yet flowered? Look deep into the potentiality and see what they can be. The results of the journey are contained within the first step. Life is a circle. Once you step on the continuum, You Are Already That. It is possible to work with the energy of this portal to really cultivate and develop your sacred gifts. Call in the Light, and see them already realised. The energy we create together will ignite a powerful force field to birth our dreams.

Hail Sacred Warrior!

Be Bold

Be Innocent

Be Brave

Find Balance & Harmony

And Be All you can Be

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 09.10.2022

Full Hunter's Moon at 16* Aries on 9 October @20.54 GMT /UT

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