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  • Katy Sophia

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse 2 July - Soul Window

This New Moon occurs on 2 July at 19.16 UT, at 10 degrees Cancer. The total Solar Eclipse is visible in Argentina, Chile, and parts of French Polynesia and the Pitcairn islands.

If you have any planets around 10 degrees of the Cardinal signs it will affect you more strongly.

Keywords are: peace, gentleness, strength, sensitivity, calm, emotion, intuition, vulnerability, heart, pause, reset, reboot, family, belonging, nurturing, protecting, soul family, kindness, feminine, Divine Mother, truth, balance, bliss.

The New Moon represents a new beginning in the sign of Cancer, the cardinal water sign of emotion, intuition, sensitivity, protection, nurturing and dreams. Cancer is the leader of the feeling world, ruled by the Moon, cyclical, reflective and Queen of the tides. Pay attention to your feelings at this time, and any unexpressed emotions you may feel rising up.

A Solar Eclipse is an opportunity for a complete reset, even if you don’t witness the eclipse directly, it still affects us all energetically. As the solar rays are eclipsed by the Moon, there is a pause, which can offer a “system reboot” if you meditate and allow your mind to be still at this time.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct the collective North Node at 17 degrees Cancer. This means that, right now, humanity needs to come more into the feeling world, and put caring for our fellow humans as the top priority. We need to protect each other and protect nature and mother earth. We must show by our actions that genuine heartfelt caring has a place EVERYWHERE including business, politics, medicine, law, media, religion and the corporate world. It is time to stop being callous for the sake of money. It is time to stop putting profit over people. It is time to stop discriminating against people who can’t fight for themselves. We shouldn’t need to fight. Humanity should be enough.

As we grow up, sometimes we receive messages that it is not ok to be caring. It is not ok to show your feelings, and it is not strong to be kind. We then create an armour around ourselves, like the crab’s shell. It is time to take off the armour. Let us be gentle warriors of the heart. There is strength in vulnerability, as when you peel all the layers off your heart there is nothing to fear. When you trust in life, with an open heart, the power of your heart will protect you.

The North Node is directly opposite Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn. The collective South Node is like the shadowy underbelly of humanity, the problems and obstacles and suppressed toxic mire that are constantly being revealed. With Saturn here it speaks of bondage and restrictions, imprisonment and blocks within the laws of Earth, Time and Karma. The creations of the misuse of energy are emerging in plain sight now. The false matrix is being revealed and dismantled, and the North Node in Cancer points to the true love of the Divine Mother, holding the Earth in a grid of pure unconditional love and protection. All else is but a shadow of the light. Where do you choose to align your consciousness?

With the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn dominating this year, we have all been experiencing pressure and burdens in some areas of life. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will bring up whatever has been suppressed, and the issues still remaining. Pluto is likely to bring out some powerful emotions and shadow work. The more clearing you do between now and the 16 July, the smoother the Lunar Eclipse will be.

This Solar Eclipse offers a beautiful balance point and a pause, like a Soul window. The Sun, Moon and North Node in Cancer create a shift into the intuitive realms, allowing you to feel divinely protected and cared for from above. At the moment of the eclipse, which lasts about four minutes, we can ask for a personal and planetary reset, and courage to live from the heart, humbly caring for our fellow humans. Let us demonstrate that we will stick together and protect each other. We are enough.

Katy Sophia

Soul Radiance Astrology


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