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July Eclipse Season 2019

Eclipse Season will soon be upon us, with a total Solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2, and a partial Lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16. Eclipses signify endings and beginnings, and give us an opportunity for a powerful reset.

We are now in the buildup to the Solar eclipse, visible in Argentina. At 10 degrees Cancer, conjunct the collective North Node, it brings much needed energy to counterbalance Saturn Pluto South Node in Capricorn and the breakdown of the world as we know it.

Cancer is the nurturer, the Great Mother, the loving supportive parent and the inner child, and this sign is very family oriented, whether it be blood family or soul family. It is about holding your nearest and dearest close to you, being there for them, and being welcoming and inclusive. As the Sun enters Cancer on June 21, the midsummer Solstice, our thoughts will turn more to the feeling world, the realm of intuition and emotion. These themes will build up to the Solar eclipse on July 2.

Joyous celebrations and get togethers are a natural expression of this energy. Who do you really want to spend time with? Honour them with your presence and love.

As the Moon begins to wax towards the Lunar eclipse on July 16, in the sign of Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, expect to be confronted with a deep cleansing of powerful emotions and anything that was previously suppressed. This may be a rocky time, as the Moon is touching Saturn, the collective South Node, and then Pluto, reminding us of things that aren't working, structures that haven't been built securely, and any obstructions you still need to clear.

The more inner work you do between now and the Lunar eclipse the smoother it will be. Build strong foundations, enjoy time with loved ones, let people know you are there for them. Clear communications and build bridges. Above all, do not fear your shadow. Allow yourself to lovingly integrate all parts of yourself.

Katy Sophia 19.06.2019

Katy Sophia 19.06.2019

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