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New Moon in Aries - Healing the Shadow of Chiron in Aries

This New Moon occurs at 4 degrees Aries at 09.28 UT on Tuesday 24 March. Keywords are: Spark, Fire, Flame, Rebirth, Ignite, Begin, Healing, Arrive, Powerplay, New Earth, Awakening, Evolution.

So the Sun and Moon at 4 degrees Aries herald the new spring and the beginning of the astrological year. This being a 4 year of building the foundations, the new moon in Aries at 4 degrees is conjunct Chiron, the collective wound.

The Sun entered Aries on 20 March, illuminating the sign of the Ram, the original spark, cardinal fire. Consciousness renews itself in the eternal flame, purified, unified and whole. The primordial fire brings energy, impulse, action, drive and will. Like a lamb it brings innocence and playfulness. Like Ares, the warrior it also brings the raw masculine energy, anger, and bold primal instinctual behaviour.

Chiron here is asking us to heal the collective wound of the shadow side of Aries. Anger, violence, the toxic masculine, rash actions and ill-thought out plans. On the world scale this encompasses war, societal and domestic violence, anger and control of the feminine, and the actions taken within regard for the environment or humanity as a whole, such as the testing of nuclear weapons, technology at the expense of Mother Earth, our air, our water, the earth, the ecosystem, our weather, our health. Every invention and decision began as an impulse, that is Aries. We are now seeing the results of disconnected thinking arising from divorcing ourselves from nature and indigenous wisdom.

Aries the pure masculine impulse needs the feminine energy and wisdom to birth it’s creations in a healthy, balanced way. Mars, it’s ruler, is now conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The Mars Pluto conjunction signifies power, control and domination. In Capricorn, the sign of the established structures, traditions and authority of our world. So we are seeing this playing out right now. What kind of system is springing up around us? At the precession of the equinoxes, the end of a 26,000 year cycle, we are seeing the toxic structures of the false matrix attempting to impinge themselves on our reality, blocking the way to ascension and enlightenment.

Chiron says, we must heal our wound. We must heal our collective shadow, and our need to be dominated and controlled. The positive, integrated Aries is the true warrior of Light, a sovereign being living true to the God spark within. The enlightened masculine protects the feminine, and joyfully serves all life. We all have this within us, and we all seek to balance and integrate these energies.

Venus is strong in the earthy sign of Taurus, moving into a powerful trine with Jupiter in Capricorn. This is the positive energy we need. Jupiter calls us to draw down all of our deep soul wisdom, and ground it into the earth, expanding the boundaries of 3D with 5D magic. Venus in Taurus is the Goddess returning to the Earth, she has never left us, we just need to listen to Her.

We are all a part of this new beginning, this new spring, building to a peak at Ostara the season of rebirth. We all have a responsibility to dig deep, and bring down and embody our soul gifts from many lifetimes. We all have a responsibility to connect to Mother Earth, listen to her and her wisdom. It is really up to all of us.

Together, we can make it through. The gateways will open for those who vibrate at at the right frequency, elevated through the heart, in love for all. It is time to live totally true to the divine spark within. It is time to bring your full consciousness into each and every action. If everyone opened their heart right now, the darkness would disappear.

In Divine Love Katy Sophia 25.03.2020

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