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Full Pink Supermoon in Libra - Sacred Blossoming of Beauty

2.35 UT Wednesday 8 April – 18 degrees Libra

Well we find ourselves in unprecedented times, as the light of the Libra moon shines upon the world. The Sun in Aries, 18 days since the Equinox, comes to the blossoming of the full moon in Libra, highlighting the axis of self and others, masculine and feminine, war and peace. The full moon is a pause to reflect, and this lunation can bring some peace into your life, if you let it. Illuminating the peace that is always there.

While the sun is in Aries, the focus is on the self, and one’s own needs, particularly in the mass consciousness. Much of the world is under house arrest, and individuals are thinking about what this means for them, what are the ramifications on the personal level. Needs and desires come to the forefront. In separation consciousness this is “every man for himself”.

The moon in Libra brings the energy of others, relationships, and the need for peace and harmony. Conflict doesn’t serve any purpose, or lead to happiness. Our relationships have been interrupted, or intensified if we live with family or partners. So this is a time to reassess relationships, and what the true meaning of relating is. We can make sure our neighbours are ok. We can reach out to family members, and friends across the distance. True relationship is of the heart, and while a lockdown can break community gatherings and normal human activity, it can never break those heart bonds. This is a time to strengthen that heart energy, and feel that inner space.

The Aries Libra axis is ruled by Mars and Venus, the masculine and feminine, the principles of dynamic chasing, and magnetic attraction. Our love relationships may be physically interrupted; we may not have a significant other; or this relationship could be under the magnifying glass of intensity. The current situation is calling us to balance these poles within ourselves. The heart energy of the masculine and feminine, the twin flames within our own heart. Life is showing you how to be strong right now, and how to find that unconditional love through true balance.

There is so much tumultuous change going on every hour of every day. Information blazes like fire across the internet, leading to stress and burnout. The Aries energy can generate conflicts, self-serving agendas and tunnel vision. We all need some peace and harmony right now. The Venusian Moon reminds us to be diplomatic. Harmony is more important than being right. Peace is more important than arguing a point. Through peace we will transcend.

This Sun and Moon are squaring Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, so weighty issues come into focus. Pluto and all it represents: the hidden coming to light, the toxins needing to be purged, the darkness of the 3D world rearing its ugly head. Purging is necessary. These are the birthing pains of the New Earth. Squares provoke, challenge and activate. The squares to Jupiter are challenging us to bring our wisdom to the forefront. As the toxic sludge is drained from the dark recesses of the earth, so we are called to bring our light. We are here to bring the balance. The light of our consciousness, the wisdom of the ages, the truth of seekers and sages past present and future, unites now as one body of energy, enveloping the earth. Jupiter says, have Faith.

On this Libra pink supermoon, take some time to go into that inner space, and feel the peace and balance within your soul. Meditate on the higher energies, utilise the ascension gateway and bring more of yourself to light. Step into your sacred power and wisdom. Know that there is nothing to fear, when you live from the pure light of your soul. Connect to Venus and divine love. Connect to your guides, galactic helpers and star family. Let us embody this sacred Beauty, and walk in the light, always, in all ways.

Katy Sophia 08.04.2020

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