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Full Moon in Pisces 2 September - Illuminating the Dream

This Full Moon occurs on Wednesday 2 September at 05.22 UT, at 10° Pisces. It is characterised by many strong aspects, as this is a turbulent and profoundly powerful time.

Pisces is the sign of completion, containing the wisdom and mastery of all twelve signs. Like the mystic, it encompasses the All That Is. Mutable water, it is fluid and flowing, never fixed, never holding a structure; its nature is to flood, overwhelm, and surround all like the waters of the womb. This water can be life-giving or destructive. As it contains all, it also contains all the false steps, addictions, dark pathways, negative journeys and timelines. It simply is All That Is. The spiritual task of Pisces is to find the golden threads, and spin through the dreaming to the higher waters, holding fast to the sacred and the highest possible timeline. Not to get dragged down through murky waters into toxic, stagnant backwaters.

Ten is the number of completion and manifestation, and we have the Sun at 10° Virgo opposing the Full Moon. Virgo is the sign of crystalline order and purity. The Virgo Pisces axis is about order and chaos, holding on and letting go, stepping to the music of the cosmic dance. The house the Sun is illuminating shows where you need more order and structures in place to assist you in that area of life. The Moon is showing you where you can let go a little, free yourself up to the cosmic flow, and release unhealthy structures that are holding you back.

On this full moon we have three major aspect patterns in the sky that are presenting an intense mix of energies. There is a Grand Trine, a Mystic Rectangle, and a T-square. Combined with the flowing energy of Pisces, and the Moon Neptune conjunction which occurs after the full moon, this is showing us all the possibilities which exist. We can experience the highest divine energies, receive downloads and assist amazing healing. There is so much going on, positive aspects like trines and sextiles, and the T-square to Mars which can bring up conflict and jarring situations. It all exists together. The nature of Neptune can be vast, vague and confusing, dreamy with a sense of loss, so don’t be surprised if these feelings come up for you today.

The Grand Trine in Earth is formed by the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter. This is a stabilising aspect that allows you to tap into the most positive elements of earth. Your Life Path, Divine Inspiration, and Divine Abundance can be balanced and harmonised now. Look for ways to put down roots and take practical steps towards your dreams. This is an energy of rooting, grounding, stabilising and building.

The Mystic Rectangle is a fascinating and complex aspect pattern. It is formed by two oppositions, with Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces; and Venus in Cancer opposite Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. They are connected by two sextiles and two trines. Mercury opposite Neptune is about truth versus illusion, clarity of thinking versus confusion, and logic versus lies. Venus in Cancer opposite the heavy planets in Capricorn is about sensitivity and emotional vulnerability versus hard-headedness, coldness, aloofness, business and profit over people, and the disruption we are all experiencing in the world right now. These oppositions are softened by the flowing aspects between them; the solutions are there if we look at the big picture and we don’t lose ourselves, but stay true to our wholeness and collaborate with the people around us.

The T-square is formed by Venus opposite Saturn and Pluto square to Mars. Last week we experienced the exact Mars Saturn square, and this brought some extremely negative conflicting energies into play. We have all had to deal with conflicts and struggle arising within and without us. Venus opposite Saturn is about the feminine aspect enduring hardships and obstructions, and relationships being blocked by extreme circumstances. Venus opposite Pluto brings out the shadow in love, and the parts of ourselves that we need to purge and heal. It can bring up the darker emotions like jealousy and revenge, and unhealed scars from childhood. If these type of issues are surfacing in your relationships, look within yourself for what is crying out to be healed. The T-square to Mars in Aries is actually the release point – the key is to tap into your dynamic energy, and power your way through this. Mars in Aries is pure energy, drive, physical power, spark of divine inspiration. It doesn’t know hesitation or fear. It acts from the divine pulse of the cosmic heart. Embracing your male energy may help you with these conflicts and obstructions.

So this is an extremely complex moon, with limitless energy available for introspection and transformation. Remember to look to the highest path. Be Love, and Embrace All. The message of Pisces is to know that all is Divine Illusion. Everything is already perfect. May your Light Illuminate the Dream that you are Seeking.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 02.09.2020

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