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Venus Rises as the Evening Star

Cycle of Venus – The Ascent of Inanna - Leo Overtone Goddess


Today is the day Venus rises as the Evening Star. Venus has been in the underworld since 28 April, and this evening she rises again, bestowing her brilliance on the world.


The cycle of Venus takes eight years to make a full orbit between the earth and the sun, tracing a beautiful pentagram. Each point of the pentagram begins a new synodic cycle in a different sign.


Last August she began her cycle as the Leo Goddess, bringing the underlying energy of heart-centre authenticity to relationships. Between August ’23 and April ’24, we experienced the Descent of Inanna, which was known to the ancient Babylonian astrologers. They equated Venus with the goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven, and they recorded her amazing cycle on clay tablets. This past cycle was all about releasing and letting go all that stands in the way of your radiant heart light, and how you bring this energy into your relationships. Anything that was blocking you will have been removed from your life, purified in the blazing fire of the solar goddess.


Since the end of April, we have been in a deeply reflective and introspective time for relationships, which may have felt like a kind of limbo, or bardo-like state. Now, as Venus rises again, she is preparing to make her ascent as the Evening Star between now and March ’25. As she moves through each Moon Venus conjunction, known as the chakra gates, you will have the opportunity to reclaim your sacred gifts, and all that you have lost.


This cycle is known as the Ascent of Inanna, as the goddess rises from the underworld, reclaiming her articles of clothing, jewellery and power objects, at each gate. This is a very empowering time, where you may regain what was lost in a different form. All the wisdom you have gained will allow you to recreate your life, maybe with the same characters, or maybe new old souls that come into your life.


The Goddess ruling over this cycle is Sekhmet, the great mother goddess of solar fire and the light of truth. As we enter this cycle in the Sirius gateway, we are empowered ever more strongly, and encouraged to claim our true sovereign selves with feminine and masculine in balance. This is a time to maintain your boundaries and your personal integrity no matter what. Those who are meant to be in your life will stay.


You can connect to the light of Sirius and Venus and ask to be empowered from within. There is no playing it small, and there is nothing to prove as the sacred lion /lioness. Just be yourself in the dazzling light of your heart, and you will give those around you permission to do the same.  

Katy Sophia 10/07/204

Artwork: Sol the Norse Goddess of the Sun by the LilithVerse


10 July: Venus Evening Star Rise 28* Cancer

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