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Full Moon in Aquarius 12 August – Enter your Destiny

The Full Supermoon in Aquarius occurs at the culmination of the Lionsgate portal on 12 August. The energies have been highly supercharged throughout the month of Leo, while Sirius has been aligned with our Sun. This full moon brings the balance and the cooling electric breeze of Aquarius to the fiery frequencies we have been feeling.

The Leo Aquarius axis is of vital importance in this now moment, as the light of the individual blends with the light of humanity, and the single flame becomes one of a symphony of lights. The strength, courage and sovereignty of the Lion blends with the Aquarian human, as we walk together as brothers and sisters, creating the New Earth.

The Aquarian full moon reminds us to put the needs of the group and the needs of humanity first, whatever dramas may be going on in our lives. All kinds of emotions, relationship issues, past karma and traumas may have been arising suddenly and swirling around. With a strong fire element it is easy to lose control, and stress and burnout can follow. Other people may act in unpredictable ways, or try to pull you into their dramas. Your energy is too precious. Remain grounded, balanced and centred, and refuse to be swayed.

The full moon is conjunct Saturn, which can bring a sense of seriousness, responsibility and duty to this outgoing lunation. Saturn is the mundane ruler of Aquarius, in retrograde, and the moon here is highlighting exactly what we need to put in place during this Saturn retrograde cycle. You will be shown the precise building blocks and steps you need to take in order to create strong foundations.

The full moon is also square Uranus, the new ruler of Aquarius, bringing more shocks and unpredictable events as we are challenged to ride the waves of shifting energies. The Mars Uranus North Node conjunction in Taurus is being activated by this full moon, and it is possible to take big strides towards our collective destiny, by working together and taking aligned action. The energies of this moon highlight the need to overcome personality differences, as many clashes could occur between egos. The overriding purpose of working together is greater than petty clashes, and this is something that needs to be recognised and overcome.

Venus has entered Leo, as the Sovereign Goddess Queen, the sacred lioness. On her journey through the heavens in the Descent of Inanna, she is heading for the Earth Chakra Gate of Death by Intent on 26 August. Here she will go through her shaman’s death and prepare to ascend. Between now and 26 August, you may experience a conscious winding down of patterns that no longer serve, and everything that keeps you playing it small. Root chakra healing and Earth Star healing are of paramount importance. Earth connection, really honouring and communing with nature, and spending time in sacred places and power sites will assist this process.

During this Lionsgate portal, you have been shown your Greatness. You have been shown what you need to finally let go of, in order to shine your light as the midday sun with no shadows. Obstacles, inhibitions, blocks are all illusory. When they disappear, it is as if they had never existed.

As Venus walks the path of the Lioness, towards her shaman’s death, she becomes invisible to all but the purest leonine frequencies of love, light, power and healing. This is what we find when we remove the heavy burdens of the heart.

Now is the time and the time is now. You CAN be all you can be, and you WILL be it, as you WILL it so shall it BE.

Full Moon Lionsgate Blessings

Katy Sophia

Full Moon at 19.21° Aquarius on Friday 12 August @01.35 UT /GMT

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