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  • Katy Sophia

Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, this is what we are here for

So, what are we to make of the current crisis and all the ensuing chaos? There is so much conflicting information, theories, debates and as always in these times we have information overload. This can lead to overwhelm and burnout. I tend to steer clear of debates and arguments, especially online as it doesn’t serve any purpose. It is up to each of us to sift through the facts, do our own research and draw our own conclusions.

I find, generally, that events have a combination of causes, not just one. There is also a myriad of different results. The big picture contains the truth, not one tiny fragment. It is true, many people are experiencing chaos, terror and loss; at the same time many good things are happening, with major victories for the planet. So, what can we do to help the situation, and be in service to those around us?

It is important to stay grounded at this time, connect deeply into the earth every day, activate your earth star and base chakras so that you don’t get destabilised and overwhelmed. Daily meditation practice to raise your vibration, and connect to source, will help align you with your inner guidance and soul mission.

The overriding feeling I have at the moment, is a sense of “this is what we’re here for”. Starseeds – Indigos – Lightworkers – Wayshowers. We have been in training our whole lives. Everything up until now has been preparing us for this time. Yes. We have completed our training and served our apprenticeship. The skills that you have are the skills you most need. Recognise and appreciate your gifts and abilities, and realise that they could really help people around you.

Some of us are wisdom keepers. In these times when lines are being blurred and truths eroded, the past erased, we are needed to carry the seeds of all that is good to grow in the soil of the new earth. Recognise the wisdom that you hold, and nurture it well. Now is the time to share herbal remedies, natural medicine, yoga and spiritual practices. Ancient truths and clarity of vision. The power to strengthen your energy field and see through illusion. Your essence is needed.

Some of us are community builders, healers, meditators. Now is the time to connect and create community, remotely, as the mind heart connection is strong. We are many lights all over the earth, and as we connect we uplift and inspire, igniting the eternal flames in our hearts. We can live in 5D, awakening, ascending, healing and connecting to super-consciousness and super-intelligence. Together we are strong. Now is the time to practice and strengthen your abilities.

Some of us are artists, musicians, dancers. Some are writers, scientists, comedians, homemakers. The truth is that all things are created by the One. Wherever you are is exactly where you are meant to be. The gifts that you have are what is most needed, in your community, in your place. Your role will become clear, when you embrace it and love yourself beyond measure.

In these times of fear and uncertainty, we can be a light for the people around us, who may be feeling afraid. As you walk down the street to get your shopping, radiate peace and kindness. Be present for your fellow humans. Demonstrate community spirit and assist our elders.

Cultivate trust, faith and love. Know that when you connect to your soul mission, you are divinely protected.

Love, Wisdom & Power

Katy Sophia 18.03.2020

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