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New Moon in Taurus 23 April - Be Present Where You Are Now

This new moon occurs at 3° Taurus on the 23rd of April at 3:25am UT.

While the Sun has been in Aries we’ve had a trial by fire with many events happening very fast, almost like time has been speeded up. Now that the Sun and Moon have entered Taurus the energies are slower, bringing that earth vibration so we can find some stillness and peace.

This new moon is all about connecting to the Earth and getting rooted and grounded. Take the time to go out for a walk in nature. Sit on the ground if you can, sit under a tree, walk barefoot on the Earth to activate the blood and the energy flow. Allow yourself to connect all the way to the centre of the Earth, and give all your worries and concerns to Mother Gaia. Give her your anxieties, your fears, your stresses and tensions. Feel them draining away all the way into the centre of the Earth. Mother Gaia will recycle them as pure energy.

It is time to connect deeply to the planet we live on and harmonise with her energy and her heartbeat. Allow yourself to put down roots and make peace with the place in which you live; feel your connection with the part of the planet where you are residing. You are here for a reason, your energy is needed here. Connecting deeply with nature will help you to harmonise with the natural cycles of the Earth and the cycles of Ascension. You need to be fully earthed and grounded in order to be properly aligned with spirit and your divine purpose.

This new moon in Taurus is a new beginning in the Earth element, and it’s up to all of us what we choose to create in this moment. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus within 3° so this isn’t going to be a slow-paced new moon despite being in slow moving Taurus. Uranus is shaking things up for us, but in a different way to the Aries fire that we have been through in the last month. Shocking revelations are continuing, information wars are still raging; however new ideas are emerging. Inspiration, creative ideas and innovations that we can put to use in practical ways.

Taurus is the sign of practicality and grounded wisdom. It is the perfect time to meditate and get really clear on your path and purpose. Meditate as you’re going to sleep, as you’re waking up; meditate in the space between worlds, between dimensions, and allow inspiration to strike. The ideas that come to you will be ideas that you can embody and harness, to ground and create in the Earth element.

So this is a very positive time, new life is burgeoning with springtime in the northern hemisphere, and the new moon is allowing us to get strong and grounded in where we are right now. The power is always in the present moment. The conjunction with Uranus may mean unpredictable events occurring, sudden challenging behaviour in the people around you, or shocking revelations, so be prepared for this and take it in your stride. Whatever rate revelations occur, remember they are designed to wake you up and shake you out of your routine if that is what needs to happen.

Yesterday the moon was squaring Pluto and Jupiter in late Capricorn, which was a very uncomfortable energy. You may have had unresolved emotions coming up, disturbing events, or fearful angry feelings arising. This aspect was triggering wounds and unresolved emotions. Today’s New Moon is squaring Saturn in Aquarius. You may be aware of issues relating to burdens, obstacles, or things that seem insurmountable. Whatever restrictions are currently presenting themselves just trust that there will be a way around them.

There are a lot of tense, highly pressurised aspects in the sky at the moment. All of planets are compressed into a small area between Capricorn and Gemini, defined by separating squares from Pluto and Jupiter to the Sun, Moon and Uranus.

Despite the tense aspects, Venus and Mars are in a harmonious trine between Gemini and Aquarius. With the masculine and feminine energies both in air signs, it is an ideal time for communication and flow in relationships. Mars in Aquarius is the sacred warrior who uses his mind to help the community and benefit humanity. Venus in Gemini is the sacred feminine in the sign of communication. So now is a good time look at improving the flow of thought energy in your relationships, and clearing any blocks with family, friends, lovers and partners. If there is something on your mind that you want to talk about, it may be thoughtfully received.

Venus is moving into a square with Neptune, which has been moving through Pisces since 2012, bringing a rise in spirituality, bringing the Ascension, and raising the frequencies of humanity. When Neptune is in a hard aspect to a personal planet it can create illusion and deception, so as Venus moves into a square with Neptune, stay alert, and keep checking in with spirit that you are seeing the big picture with clarity. We are here to pierce the veils and see beyond the simulation.

The collective North node has just moved into Gemini after a long stint in Cancer. While it was moving through Cancer it was challenging people to become more centred in their heart and their emotions, and to nurture to care for the people around them. Now that the North node has entered Gemini this represents a collective shift. North Node in Gemini is asking us to be present with our minds and our intellect, be aware of the information coming to us and how we choose to share that information. The challenge is to embody the highest expression of Gemini, which should be conscious and mindful sharing of information, while stretching our minds to be aware of all the multifaceted truths of a situation.

Jupiter is still in conjunction with Pluto within 2 degrees, bringing inner space and the light of wisdom to the crises that the world is going through, and the predicament that we find ourselves in. Jupiter is bringing Wisdom-keepers, meditators, light workers, and star seeds to the forefront as we begin waking up more people around us, so that we can find that critical mass and achieve victory for the Light and the Ascension. We can really feel the shift since the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January. Now that Saturn has moved into Aquarius and Jupiter is conjoined with Pluto the energies are a lot more positive, and people are making good use of their inner space, which we can all open up to every moment. Jupiter is reminding us of the wisdom within. We can always meditate and find the point of power in the present moment.

So this new moon it’s important to go within. Get rooted and grounded, and focus on what you can do to improve your life and the lives of others. What is your contribution to the new Earth? What can you grow, what can you build, what can you create? Try to find some stillness and peace where you are now, by connecting to Mother Earth. The seeds that you plant now will grow for many years to come so choose consciously what you create.

Allow mother Gaia to guide you. Connect with her cycles and know that you you are safe and protected. Know that by choosing to be mindful of nutrition, natural remedies, exercise, meditation, and being present in your body your immune system will be strong. You will be healthy and whole. The planet is ascending. We are ascending. The more we can connect with each other and connect with the Earth the smoother the transition will be. Meditate on the garden of the Earth and the garden of your life. Plant the seeds that you wish to plant and see them growing. See the garden that you wish to create taking shape in the eternal now and give thanks, gratitude and blessings.

Believe in the power of love and the power of imagination. Deeply grounded wisdom is a force to be reckoned with. Be so strong that nothing can topple you. Be thankful for what you have right now: your body, your health, your home, your food, your family, your abilities and intelligence. Your life force. Your love.

Sacred blessings for the New Earth

Katy Sophia 23.04.2020

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