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Full Moon in Virgo 9 March – Spiritual Focus & Hidden Gems

This Full Moon occurs at 19 degrees Virgo, at 17.47 UT on Monday 9th March. It is a Supermoon which affects us more strongly being closer to the earth.

This brings a lot of issues into focus, as it illuminates the sign of details and clarity. Virgo relates to health, and there are major health scares all over the world at the moment, due to a virus which appears to be spreading very fast. The Sun is conjunct Neptune in the sign of Pisces, and the Neptunian Piscean energy is all about the limitless ocean, flooding, overflowing and dissolving boundaries. The spread of a virus is Neptunian, whether it is a thought form, a religion or an actual virus.

So we have the Virgo Pisces axis being highlighted, and this axis deals with holding on and letting go. Pisces is watery chaos, and Virgo is crystalline structure and order. Neptune is intensifying the Piscean themes of healing, compassion, going with the flow, dreams, visions and psychic abilities. While you may feel very connected spiritually, it can be hard to focus and get grounded, and there may be a tendency to fall prey to illusions and confusion.

This Full Moon is bringing into focus all that has emerged the last few weeks, dreams you have had, and the reality of your situation. The house it falls in will tell you which area of life it is affecting. There may be a message regarding your health, and how you can practise self-care. This is also a good time for energy healing, as Virgo pinpoints details, and Pisces sends unconditional love from the Source.

The opposition to Neptune is asking you to question whether you have been under any illusions lately, or if there is deception around you. Check opportunities out to see if they are worthy, or simply tempting for the ego. Glamour is strong in terms of the media and mass hypnosis.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and allows the mind to focus on the spiritual depths as you meditate on this full moon night. It is a powerful time to find answers, and read the truth of situations.

Mars in Capricorn enables strategic practical actions, and can drive things forward once you decide where to focus your energy. As it approaches Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, it activates the powerful Capricornian qualities of building and creating. What do you desire to create? The energies favour a plan of action, combined with all the dreamy inspiration of Pisces, and the scintillating brilliance of the Virgo full moon.

Mercury will station direct at this time, and begin moving out of the shadow period, so expect things to click into place, and solutions to present themselves. Allow your mind to bring forth mysterious treasures from the Piscean ocean, whispers of mermaid song and hidden jewels that will assist you on your journey.

Magic is real.

Katy Sophia 09.03.2020

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