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  • Katy Sophia

New Moon in Sagittarius 26 November – Know Thyself

This new moon occurs at 15.05 UT on Tuesday 26 November, at 4 degrees of Sagittarius.

Keywords are: New beginnings, bold, adventure, believe in your dreams, leap of faith, galactic, abundance, dissolving obstructions, truth, love & beauty, fireworks, emergence.

This New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle, in the sign of the fiery archer. In Greek mythology this was the centaur, and also Goddess Artemis the archer and sacred medicine woman. On this new moon, take aim for your dreams. Let your arrow fly to the highest stars. You can do it!

Sagittarius is mutable fire, fire which is spiralling with no limits or restrictions. It wants to expand into space. It wants to know the truth, and the wisdom therein. It wants to see the big picture, taking in the view from the highest mountain, journeying through a new world on a cosmic adventure.

On this new moon, we all have the opportunity to dream big, extend ourselves and go far. When you set your intentions, imagine them being carried by fire on a golden arrow to land on your heart’s desire.

The Sun and Moon are in quincunx to Uranus, so expect unpredictable occurrences as always with the Great Awakener.

Another important aspect in the sky is Mars opposite Uranus. This can give rise to fireworks, arguments, conflicts, accidents, and powerful energetic exchanges. Stay alert and remain peaceful and flexible. With the bold Sagittarian energy of this new moon, some people could overstretch their limits.

Mercury, now direct in Scorpio, is in sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, giving an opportunity to work with this stern serious energy in a new way. Perhaps you have gained insights during Mercury retrograde, which allow you to see problems and obstacles in a fresh light. Saturn and Pluto are also in sextile to Neptune in Pisces, which is trining Mercury in Scorpio. So the Scorpio /Pisces energy is assisting you in gaining access to the heavy energy of the Destroyer and Master Builder, which have been affecting us all year. There is a watery softness which can dissolve obstructions now, if you let it.

We have just experienced a Venus Jupiter conjunction, lighting up the heavens with their cosmic marriage. They are now 2 degrees apart and Venus has entered Capricorn, as the Goddess of Love gets serious. This conjunction merges the energies of love, relationships, money, creativity, divine feminine, attraction and magnetism; with expansion, abundance, joy, success, wisdom, faith, optimism and hope. This is such a wonderful energy for all kinds of abundance, be it love relationships, financial windfalls, golden opportunities; depending on which house it falls in for you.

This divine conjunction occurred on the Galactic Centre which is 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. So the energies flowing through are very deep and profound, bringing new light codes and emerging truths to reshape our world.

This New Moon provides a window where we can see further than before, know more of the truth, and expand our limits. Know thyself – knowledge is power. With Jupiter on the Galactic Centre we have a portal to the Cosmic Divine Mother, and we can receive nourishment for our beings like never before. May we all be magnificent.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 26.11.2019

Soul Radiance Astrology

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