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11.11 – The Transit of Mercury – Full Moon in Taurus

11.11 now coincides with the Transit of Mercury, happening between 12.35 – 18.05 UT on 11th November. Mercury, planet of the mind, thoughts and communication, is passing across the face of the Sun to merge its energy with our brilliant luminary. This influence gives sharpness of mind, insight, clarity, and third eye awakening.

The 11.11 gateway offers a window where you may jump to the next level and accelerate your development, accessing higher timelines and breaking free from limitations. The light codes are streaming in, awakening and transforming, as we consciously connect and bring them through.

The double 1 vibration conveys solar individuation, initiation, sovereignty and unity. As we move beyond the constraints of the number 10, 11 is a number of Mastery. The two pillars signify two poles which must unite, as in this world we must learn to unify opposites. The astrological signs of Taurus and Scorpio are two extremes of the same axis.

As we approach the Full Moon in Taurus on 12 November, 11.11 provides an amazing opportunity to leap forward and align with your highest calling. The Sun has been moving through Scorpio, bringing deep revelations and the ability to see clearly, as nothing remains hidden.

With Mercury retrograding through this sign, it brings up emotional communications and deep connections, perhaps people from the past and previous relationship issues. If there is any psychological confusion in your mind, or unresolved emotions, they will likely be triggered at this time.

Scorpio is the sign of the deep psyche, hidden mysteries and esoteric teachings. The Full Moon will illuminate the opposite sign of Taurus, the fixed earth sign of stability, simplicity, sensual enjoyment and contentment. We find the balance, between body and mind, fixed earth and fixed water, feeling that anchoring into the strength of who you are. The Taurus – Scorpio axis is about determination, ownership, stability, bodymind, as above so below, kundalini, embodiment and heaven on earth.

Take the insights you have gained during this Scorpio season, the brilliance and illumination of Mercury transiting the Sun, and the depth of healing of this retrograde. The Full Moon in Taurus is the cake you are baking. Feel it growing in the physical earth of Taurus. What are you creating?

Now is the time to manifest your dreams, not just your personal desires, but what you would like to see collectively for the New Earth. Taurus is the sign of Mother Earth, and we have this amazing enlightening 11.11 transit so make the most of it, do your inner work and your magical work, and lets see what we can create together.

Miraculous Magical Manifestations

Katy Sophia 11.11.19

Soul Radiance Astrology

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