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  • Katy Sophia

Full Moon in Aries 13 October Powerful Cleansing and Renewal

This full moon occurs at 20 degrees Aries, on Sunday 13th October at 21.07 UT.

Keywords are: cleansing, healing, renewal, balancing, purging, releasing, transforming, revealing, shaman’s death, innocence, joy, acceleration.

The Moon illuminates the sign of Aries, the primordial fire of new beginnings; while the Sun opposes in Libra the sign of balance.

The Sun and Moon are making an exact square to Pluto, so don’t expect this to be an easy time. We have the signs of war and peace, squaring the planet of destruction and transformation.

In the build up to this Moon, you may have felt some structures collapsing in your life. Deep patterns may have arisen in your psyche, to be revealed and transformed. Pluto brings up the past, and all that is unhealed, and this is not comfortable. Especially when you are not aware of certain issues, or you have been projecting them onto others. In the laser mirror of this full moon, you will see exactly where they are coming from and that is somewhere deep within your body mind.

The more inner work you have done, the more release you will feel. The effects can be very intense and purging. Remember not to be afraid, and that you are loved and cherished.

The full moon in the sign of Aries is showing you where you can make a fresh start in your life, and do things in a completely new way. You may have opportunities on the horizon, so pay attention.

The Aries Libra axis asks us to look at self versus others, time alone versus time spent in relationships, whether you pay attention to your own needs or spend all your time helping others, and how to balance these.

We need the right amount of fire and drive to propel us forward, with that pure dynamic innocence and energy of Aries. We also need the logical, detached thought processes of Libra, and a sense of balance and harmony in all things.

The Sun is the light of consciousness, the life path, the future and the masculine energy. The Moon is the light of reflection, the inner life, the past and the feminine. When the luminaries are squaring Pluto, we are challenged on every level to face ourselves, past and future, inner and outer, masculine and feminine. Be fearlessly honest in what you see and what you feel at this time. It is an opportunity for powerful acceleration.

The Moon has recently conjoined with Chiron, the wounded healer, so things may have surfaced before the full moon that you can now clear and release. If people have triggered you, be thankful for the pointers and do your healing work. Everything can be cleansed and renewed in the light of this moon.

Venus has entered into Scorpio, which brings up deep intense emotions in relationships, especially as she is opposing Uranus in Taurus. Feelings may be stirred up with sudden revelations or surprise events. Take care not to be caught off guard, and remain flexible. With Mercury also in Scorpio, communications can be passionate and pointed. Remember self love and find that deep sense of inner security.

Whatever is going on for you on this full moon, take some time to bathe in the beautiful lunar light, or just feel it in your energy body. Allow it to cleanse and heal and renew. The fire of Aries releases all that has gone before. You can be born in this moment, and free yourself from past mistakes. Forgive yourself and others, and start afresh.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia


Soul Radiance Astrology

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