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Full Moon in Aquarius 15 August Step up to your Divine Mission

This Full Moon occurs at 22 degrees Aquarius, on 15 August at 12.29 UT.

Keywords are: Humanity, community, New Earth, Age of Aquarius, royalty, divinity, electricity, enlightenment, future focus, benevolence, generosity, We Are One, universal sisterhood & brotherhood, bridge-building, uniting, uplifting, starseeds, indigos, Divine mission, rainbow bridge.

22 is a Master number, and we are called to unify the Sun at 22 degrees Leo, and the Moon at 22 degrees Aquarius.

We have just been through the Lions Gate portal, and the Leonines and Siriuns have been sending their beautiful frequencies to strengthen and empower us. All the electric energy has been raising the vibrations, and bringing up the shadows, as always happens with an influx of light.

People around you may have been acting out, reacting unconsciously, or being provoked by your light. This has been teaching you to be sovereign and stable in your energy, simply watching and not getting drawn into dramas. The lower vibration of Leo is very dramatic. The higher expressions are generous, magnanimous, unaffected, regal and dignified. It is wise to remember this inner Lion /Lioness when dealing with difficult people and situations.

With the Sun at 22 degrees Leo, we are called to integrate all the learning from the Lions Gate, the Golden ray, all that wonderful Leonine energy and strength, and master it in our daily lives. You are divinely assisted.

The Moon is bringing a refreshing, cooling, electric blue breeze as she illuminates the opposite sign of Aquarius. The water bearer asks, how can we benefit humanity, and society as a whole? It is not just about what we desire as individuals. It is about playing our role in the Divine plan, a beautifully orchestrated symphony, working harmoniously and sharing our light with all.

Leo is about the individual, and their unique creative spark, living from the heart in strength and vulnerability. Aquarius is all of those sparks, working together, many unique individuals, living as a beautiful rainbow tapestry of light. We can all be unique, and be part of a collective. We do not have to surrender our individuality. Life is infinitely diverse, made up of many rays and frequencies. In the Age of Aquarius we celebrate that.

This Moon is asking, how do your share your Light? How are you expressing your unique gifts, and connecting with others, building bridges, finding soul family, and taking part in collective endeavours? Could you give more? Could you share more?

Aquarius is fuelled by the light of Uranus, the Great Awakener. This electrical energy is a constant source of inspiration, ideas, inventions, enlightenment and lightning connections. The more you give out, the more you are filled up from within.

Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, Blue Rays, Twin Flames, may be receiving a Divine mission now. Your existing mission may be expanded. More energy is available; if you have done your work and passed the tests, you will be upgraded and rewarded with higher frequencies to “play with”.

This Full Moon is unaspected apart from its oppositions to the Sun, Venus and Mars, so it has a very focused energy. The Sun is conjunct Venus, and also Mars in Leo, so there is a strong theme of unifying the Divine Feminine and Masculine, which has been present throughout the Lions Gate. This is the fiery Lioness and her Lion, who love each other unconditionally. Twin flames, twin rays, they are born from the same original solar fire.

As we learn to unite the twin rays within our own hearts, bringing the masculine and feminine into balance so they can both excel while supporting and complementing each other, so our Divine mission will take off. As we release conflicts and arguments, stop pulling in different directions, and wasting energy in this way, we will be given a boost of energy and speed to accomplish more. With a unified heart, our dreams are within reach.

This Full Moon, meditate on your inner Leonine. Focus on integrating the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects of yourself, and merging the twin flame in your heart. Once you feel this flame burning strongly, you can consciously call in your soul family, and your divine mission. Connect with your Star brothers and sisters, and tell them you are ready. Call in all the assistance and insights you need. Feel your inner Divine spark, which cannot compromise its beauty in any way, connecting with all the other sparks in our earthly and galactic community. We are all unique. And We Are One.

Katy Sophia 15.08.2019

Soul Radiance Astrology

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