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Black Moon Supermoon in Leo 01 August The Cosmic Gates are Open

This New Moon occurs at 8 degrees Leo, on 01 August at 3am UT. It is a Black Moon as it is the second new moon in the month, occurring on July 31st in some parts of the world, and the very beginning of August in others. It is also a Supermoon as it is very big and close to the earth, which means it has a stronger physical effect on the tides, the water in our bodies and the emotional body. In the sign of Leo, it cannot be ignored!

Keywords are: Fiery, flamboyant, bold, regal, confident, authentic, sovereign, outgoing, adventurous, passionate, romantic, creative, playful, surprising, shocking, enlightening, fortune favours the brave, Lions Gate, Sphinx.

Since the heliacal rising of Sirius on July 26, the energies of the Lions Gate have been building. This New Moon in Leo declares the portal well and truly open.

The Sun and Moon are at 8 degrees, 8 being the number of physical completion, fate and destiny. This new moon is the completion of what you have been working through with the ascension energies over the last months and years. This New Moon is the start of something completely new.

Leo is the sign of fixed fire, the regal Lion /Lioness and the feline race. On the Lions Gate, which peaks on 8th August, cosmic energies flow through the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza, which align with Sirius and Orion as they were designed to. The Sphinx is indeed a Lioness, before she acquired the Pharoah’s head carved upon her. She is Tefnut, with the left eye of the Moon, cooling moisture, and the right eye of the Sun, the fire of Ra.

This is the time for heightened cosmic energies to enter the planet through the portal of Giza. The Siriun energy, the energy of enlightenment, is freely available if you meditate on it and allow it to flow. Intend to yourself to anchor the frequency, and this will bring you into alignment with your Soul purpose.

Allow the qualities of Leo to be present in your heart. The fire of spontaneity, enthusiasm, playfulness, and creativity. The innate confidence that doesn’t need to brag. The Queen or King of your true nature who can be generous and magnanimous to all. The golden light of divinity that brings beauty, strength and magnificence to everything it touches.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus in Leo, so there is a romantic touch to this moon if you are so inclined. Venus in this sign is a Queen who loves to be adored, and honoured as the Goddess of Love that she is. When you feel it inside your outer world will reflect it, so don’t accept anything less than your true worth and its resonance.

The Sun, Moon and Venus are squaring Uranus in Taurus, so expect surprises. There could be passionate, romantic surprises in store, and unexpected gifts. There could also be events that throw you off balance, so be prepared for anything and hold your centre. With all this fiery energy, things could quickly blaze out of control, as the focus is on authenticity and self- expression. Watch out for dramas and attention-seeking, and maintain your dignity and respect.

The Sun and Moon are trining Jupiter in Sagittarius, adding to the fiery flamboyant energy of this moon. Jupiter, the rule of Sagittarius, wants to roam freely on heartfelt adventures, learning and growing and firing the arrow of truth to the highest star in the heavens. So as well as all the Leo energy of being yourself and expressing your unique style, and being fully present in the heart, you have this amazing opportunity for fortune and abundance to smile on you. Be alert to the opportunities that present themselves at this time. They could take you further than your wildest dreams. When you expand your sense of self, and the boundaries that once contained you, who knows what you could do, or be, what divinity you could encompass.

This New Moon occurs in the last couple of days of Mercury retrograde, before it begins its two week shadow phase. During Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer, you may have found yourself going back over emotional communications with people, or revisiting some old ground in relationships. All for the purpose of greater understanding. Ideally you should have found more emotional security, and sense of trust in opening your heart. As these lessons are wrapping up, Mercury is opposite Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. You may find your words rebounding on you, the weight of your communications manifesting in a positive or negative way. Take great care with your words at this time. Things are reaching culmination, and it is important to take responsibility for any feelings triggered by others.

This New Moon heralds a major new influx of energy on this Lions Gate. Open your heart, open your mind, and allow your cells to take in as much of this beautiful energy as possible. We are the conduits. Let us embrace and anchor this solar radiance into the earth, and light up everyone around us.

Let’s play!

Katy Sophia 31.07.2019

Soul Radiance Astrology

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