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New Moon in Libra 9 October - Find your Inner Peace

This New Moon falls on 9th October at 4.46am UT, at 15 degrees Libra. If you have any planets around 15 degrees of the cardinal signs, it will affect you more strongly.

This New Moon is a chance to begin a new phase, by bringing more balance and harmony into your life. As the Sun and Moon conjoin in Libra, we are called upon to unite our inner masculine and feminine, and find peace of mind no matter what the outer circumstances.

Libra is the balance point between Aries, the primal self; and Pisces, complete dissolution into oneness. The seventh sign is one of relating, and learning through all the relationships we create between self and other. This includes marriage, significant relationships, and also partnerships of any kind. In partnerships we strive for harmony and understanding. Love relationships are often fraught with arguments and disagreements, and the aim of Libra is to resolve disputes with airy logic and reason. Libra seeks fairness and balance, and justice is a part of this.

In Ancient Egyptian texts, Ma’at, the wife of Thoth, weighs the deceased’s heart against a feather on the scales of balance. The purpose of this was not to “punish” the deceased for their crimes if their heart was found to be heavy. In life, if we cannot come to a place of forgiveness of ourselves and our past actions, we will carry the heaviness with us and create new situations where we can learn to release this load. It is the same in death. When we allow ourselves to be lighthearted, at peace, with a heart as light as a feather, only then can we truly release the shackles of this world and enter the afterlife. For the Ancient Egyptians this meant returning to the Stars.

This New Moon, practise forgiveness of yourself. We have collectively been through incredibly testing times. Outer circumstances can sometimes cause you to lose your balance, speak in anger, act in a way that is not in accordance with your true nature. When this happens, lovingly come back to your centre, and forgive yourself for your momentary lack of awareness. This will enable you to be much more understanding and forgiving of others. We are involved in the most intense soul challenges, and others are carrying such heavy burdens. Look around you, and you will see others whose loads seem much heavier. Be gentle with yourself and others. Practise tolerance and forgiveness. Find an inner peace that nothing can shake.

The Sun and Moon are square to Pluto, and challenging situations are likely to come up, information from the past, things that shake your foundations. Anything that has been suppressed or hidden could surface at this time. The Sun and Moon are also trining Mars in Libra, giving you an opportunity to focus your energies in a positive direction, through enlightened speech and action. This is the way out of any difficulties that may emerge. Speak your truth, mediate and resolve disputes, coming from a place of love and peace. New realisations are possible on all sides.

The Sun and Moon are in quincunx to Neptune in Pisces, signifying deep soul lessons and karmic energies at play. Look for patterns being completed, lessons being revealed, and the root cause of troubling situations being found. No matter how difficult things seem, this is an opportunity to wrap things up and move on, like having a toxic tooth extracted.

Another major aspect in the sky is a T-square with Mars, Venus and Uranus. This is pretty explosive, and could definitely signify fireworks in relationships. When Mars and Venus are squaring each other, it creates heightened attraction between the sexes, and also heightened conflict if differences of opinion exist.

Mars in Aquarius is the King of Swords, the peaceful warrior of words, thoughts and ideas, who champions the collective. Venus in Scorpio is the sensual, sexual, mystical Queen of Water, now in retrograde, who will be going back over every little thing which hurt her in the past, that she still remembers, and holds within her like venom. Primal, raw feelings like jealousy, revenge and betrayal will burn until she can release these poisons. Mars in Aquarius can represent the intellect devoid of feeling; the male aspect out of touch with the wounds of the feminine; the head disconnected from the heart. Head and heart must unite now, masculine and feminine, thoughts and feelings; intuitive knowing combined with logic and clear vision. Both partners must listen to each other to find harmony and union.

Venus is still in opposition to Uranus, which has been stirring things up in relationships, generating sudden shocking events. Now she retraces her steps, as Mercury comes into opposition with Uranus, entering Scorpio, ensuring that truths will be spoken, and people will be confronted with the results of their actions. Remember the truth is your protection; stay true to yourself, keeping your centre of balance.

This New Moon, take some time to meditate and just be. Calm your mind, and focus on your breath going in and out of your nostrils. Breathe deeply down to your navel, and up to your throat, visualising the central channel as a tube of light. See this light as immensely strong, filled with prana, healing breath. This is your truth, your inner light. Breathe peace. Know that this light is stronger than the external circumstances of your life. The world will continue to play out its dramas, like an ever-unfolding dream. The truth is that which never changes. All else is illusion, transience.

Embrace your inner masculine and your inner feminine. Find your inner Yab-yum, the tantric union. Let that peace and balance radiate out to all your relations, to the world.

Katy Sophia 07.10.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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