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Libra Equinox - Full Moon in Aries 23-24 September - A New Balance

The Sun enters Libra on Sunday 23rd September, the Autumn Equinox. The days and nights are of equal length, and the Earth’s magnetic field is lowered. This is a time when the veils are thin, and meditation is more powerful. All things are interconnected in the universe, all of Mother Nature is interrelated, and on the Equinox we are gifted a window into the wonder of existence. This is the stillpoint between summer and winter, day and night. If you can, take a moment to pause and reflect. All things come into balance.

The sign of Libra is Venus-ruled, yet a masculine sign, symbolised by Justice and the scales. This is the sign of relationship, partnership, and taking care of the other. In Libra we realise “the other is myself”, so we should take care of them. This cardinal air sign is a thought leader, favouring conversation and debate, and peaceful resolutions to disputes. Working with intelligence, reason, and peace we can go far.

Libra rules the arts, beauty and harmony at all levels, and walking the razor’s edge between extremes of emotion. Despite being ruled by sweet Venus, the myth relating to Libra is the story of Persephone. At the Autumn equinox in the Northern hemisphere, the Sun enters the gates of the underworld and begins its descent into the darkness of winter. Like Persephone, we begin our descent, and the world grows colder and darker for the next six months, until we re-emerge into Spring. So the other side of Libra is the fall, the descent, bringing balance to the upper and lower worlds, inner and outer, known and secret.

The Full Moon in Aries happens only two days later, on 25th September at 02.52 UT. This is known as the Harvest Moon, and it is time to reap the harvest of the year. The things you have been working on since the winter solstice should be coming to fruition now, and you can look back on what you have gained from the choices you have made. Of course, you may not be entirely happy with the fruits of your labours, so it is a good time to take stock, and acknowledge your successes as well as areas that need more work. We learn from our mistakes and we spiral on, a little wiser than before.

There is a very strong Aries Libra axis to this full Moon, occurring at 2 degrees of Aries and Libra. We are called to find the balance between war and peace, impulse and reason, self and other. Aries is the original spark, bold and pioneering, gung-ho and cavalier. Sometimes this energy gets itself into conflicts, as actions fly before thoughts, and anger can rise with the primal fire energy. Libra wants to keep the peace at all costs, and resolve everything verbally. Aries gets very impatient with this, and would rather act swiftly and move on.

There is great value in the dynamic fiery energy of Aries, and the full moon is asking us to look at where we can use this in a positive way in our lives, initiating projects, getting things moving, freeing up stuck energy and having the confidence to be original. The Sun in Libra is highlighting the areas where we need more peace in our lives, more considered debate, more balance and harmony. Perhaps relationships could be healthier if you could have more “me-time”, and also spent time doing things together. Make sure you speak up and say what is on your mind, or you could end up blurting it out rashly around the full moon. Aries speaks before thinking, so bear this in mind!

The energy of this Full Moon overall is very tightly sprung, with two major T-squares in the sky, held in place by Sun quincunx Uranus. With Sun Uranus in this aspect, anything could happen. Unpredictable, sudden, shocking events, out-of-the-blue karmic connections, things not going to plan – in fact, it’s probably best not to plan anything. If you have to, then go well prepared and think on your feet. This would affect you for three days either side of the Full Moon.

The Sun is conjoining Mercury in Libra, making this a particularly cerebral time with communication issues coming to the fore. Expect a lot of conversations or dispute resolutions happening. The Sun and Mercury are opposing the Moon and Chiron, conjunct in Aries. The Full Moon is illuminating the wound consciousness of Chiron, so don’t be surprised if you are triggered at this time. This Moon offers a profound medicine – to meditate on your original wounds and offer them up to the clear light of the calm, balanced mind. Allow Mercury’s penetrating insight to reveal and release what comes up.

This powerful opposition is in tight T-square to Saturn in Capricorn, indicating a karmic quality to what is revealed. Be thankful for the issues presenting themselves, for these are your deepest karmic obstacles, the things that truly hold you back from progressing in the material world, and living the life you choose. If things aren’t working out, look deeper. Moon Chiron in Aries is the screaming infant, baring its raw, unhealed emotions. Shine the Libran light of intellect and clarity onto this, and feel the energy begin to dissipate. Saturn offers the key to release the pressure, saying look to the fundamentals, cover your bases, take care of your material realities and don’t take any shortcuts. Keep going step by step, and you can achieve anything.

The second T-square is composed of Venus opposite Uranus, in T-square to Mars. As Venus begins her deep dive into Scorpio, we begin to feel all those powerful emotions that may have been suppressed. What is really going on in your relationships? What patterns emerged in past relationships? What is the shadow side to your love? Venus in Scorpio is passionate and sensual. Also tending to the darker shades of emotion when things to do not as desired. In opposition to Uranus in Taurus, this makes for sudden changes in love, breakups, endings, and real fireworks in order to make her feelings known. This opposition is shaking up our emotions, testing relationships and life situations to make sure they are rock-solid. Change or die is an apt motto for this aspect; we can always be reborn having shed our old, outmoded skins.

This intense opposition is in T-square to Mars in Aquarius. Mars is the pressure release point, bringing in the male, active energy, as a way out of relationship dilemmas and problematic situations. In Aquarius, the will power is directed into thoughts and ideas, with a humanitarian focus, and far-reaching inspirations. So the key is, be active, get out there and change things with your actions. Open your mind to new inspiration, fresh ideas, and try something different. Mars in Aquarius is the ruler of the Aries Moon, and speaks of community, and collective energy driven by a common purpose.

This Full Moon, there is a great opportunity for healing, understanding and co-operation. If you are able to harness the dynamic energy and go somewhere new, finding the balance between self and other, individual drive and community spirit, honouring of self and enlightening conversations with others, then you could be in for a major shift. We have a chance to change things together. Let’s pause to reflect, and find a new balance.

Katy Sophia 23.09.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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