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New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse 11.08 Detach from Drama

This New Moon falls at 18 degrees Leo, on Saturday 11th August at 10.57 Universal Time. Keywords are regal, sovereign, dramatic, mystical, timewarp, spontaneous, playful, humble, solar, leonine, cosmic shift. It is also a Supermoon and a partial Solar Eclipse, visible throughout Asia and the Arctic Circle. This completes the recent trilogy of eclipses and wraps up the Lion’s Gate portal. Expect to be affected for at least three days before and after. The longer term effects can last up to 18 years, as you sow the seeds for the next cycle, as eclipses repeat themselves every 18 years.

We are in the Lion’s Gate, which opened on the 8th August, as an energy portal above the Sphinx and pyramids of Giza. High frequency light and consciousness are streaming in through Sirius, which aligns with Giza at this time. So this New Moon is intrinsically connected to the Lion’s Gate. It marks a new beginning, a reset point, in the sign of Leo, the regal Lion. The Sphinx has the body of a lion, and many believe its original head was that of a lioness. The Sphinx is the oldest monument in the world, and is thought to represent Tefnut, a primordial creator Goddess. Her left eye is the Moon and her right eye is the Sun, and she is cooling moisture and fiery heat combined. The sun and moon embrace on this solar eclipse in Leo.

At this time, meditate on what you need to let go of in order to be more spontaneous, more playful, more creative, more confident, more regal and sovereign. Let your inner lioness out. She doesn’t allow any victim consciousness. Her spirit reigns supreme in her leonine body, lithe and supple and strong. Attuned to the golden light, solar wisdom pours through her DNA. She can give and forgive as a Queen.

Look to where you could be using your creativity in new ways. Ask to be shown more fun ways of working! Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, when you access your natural resources and limitless sovereign nature. Where do you need to be stronger and more confident? Life responds to confidence and a clear sense of direction. Don’t be a pushover. Show the world where you are walking.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury in Leo, so communication issues will feature strongly at this time. Perhaps there are things you want to express, and you weren’t able to say them before now. Maybe you desire to communicate in a more powerful, confident, even theatrical way? The Sun, Moon and Mercury are squaring Jupiter in Scorpio, which makes for dramatic fireworks. Think opera and divas, huge personalities, melodramatic stories and plenty of flair. Let your inner diva out, and give yourself permission to sing, dance, act and create a new story for yourself. This will change the way your life weaves into the lives of those around you. Others may be addicted to their dramas, tragedies or thrillers, but as a conscious spark of the Divine you are free to create your own story.

The Sun and Moon are creating mystical quincunxes with Neptune and Pluto on this eclipse, which interlink with Venus quincunx Uranus in a starry pattern. The wheels of destiny are turning, a major shift is happening, and you can be as involved as you want to be. Timelines are shifting, opening, disappearing. Vortexes are opening up, new portals and connections with star beings and star systems, allowing new communications and interstellar travel. We are touching deep truths of the cosmos and may find out more about our origins. Tune in and listen to the truths that present themselves. Allow yourself to deepen into the energies and receive the keys and codes.

Throughout the Lion’s Gate and this eclipse, you may experience strange sensations and dizziness, significant dreams, old karmic patterns being released, and you may clearly see interactions with others that aren’t working. Detach from 3D, and don’t let yourself be drawn into old ways of relating. Emotions may flow, let them flow. Release old sadness, and anything that wants to be purged from your energy body. Leo rules the heart, so you may be clearing and opening this chakra. Anyone who comes into your life at this time is showing you something, so pay attention to the signs. Call upon Grace at this sacred hour, and allow it to fill all the cells of your body, radiating outwards from your heart, changing and uplifting all your relationships. Detach from drama. You are Sovereign, and can call upon your sacred soul essence. Be Lion-hearted. Create yourself anew in this moment.

Meditation for the Eclipse

Go into your heartspace. Feel your connection deep into the centre of the Earth, and a column of light extending all the way to the Great Central Sun. Connect to the light of spirit, the unconditional love of the Creator. See this flowing down through your chakra column. It flows through the Central Sun of our galaxy, Alcyone. It flows through Sirius, our Sun, and through your higher chakras. Feel it opening and cleansing each one. Open your crown, and let the energy flow through your body, through your feet, and down into the centre of the Earth.

Become present in your heartspace, and connect with the Sun and Moon eclipsing in Leo. Say out loud or in your mind:

“I consciously let go of all that is blocking my light. I consciously let go of all that stands in the way of my Sovereignty and Soul essence. Anything that is blocking my highest timeline and soul path, may it now be released from my life, in the highest and best way. Thank you. And so it is, and it is so.”

Allow yourself to enter the stillness during the eclipse, and simply let go of all thoughts. Now as the Solar light returns, meditate on your Soul essence filling your body and energy bodies with golden light. Receive the downloads and blessings of the Lion’s Gate. Anchor this into the heart of the Earth, and make sure you are fully grounded.

Leonine Blessings

Katy Sophia 10.08.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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