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New Moon in Taurus 15 May 2018 - Creating your Heaven on Earth

This New Moon occurs at 11.47 UT on 15th May, at 24 degrees Taurus. The new moon is the beginning of a cycle, not just of the month to come, but the year to come, and a lunar cycle of 27 months. Taurus is the first earth sign, symbolising the moment when the original spark gets embodied in the physical realm. The new moon is the perfect time to send out your intentions, and this is very special time for planting seeds in the earth, and intending your dreams to manifest.

Manifestation is a key word of this new moon, as are grounding, embodiment, slowing down, appreciation, sensuality and beauty. There is immense power in this new beginning in earth.

For the many lightworkers, healers and visionaries of the New Earth, this is the time to create something in the physical that you have been dreaming of for a long time. Take the first steps, plant your feet on the ground, actualise your vision of pastures new.

This new moon coincides with the entry of Uranus into Taurus, beginning a new seven year cycle for the planet of transformation and awakening. Since 2010 Uranus has been in fast-paced Aries, and many tumultuous events have happened around the world. The energy of fire and lightening has created sudden shifts and dynamic new beginnings. As the Great Awakener enters slow moving Taurus, it is akin to a meteorite embedding itself in the earth. All that was initiated in the past eight years will begin to take root and grow. The positive seeds will have the right soil to sprout and become saplings. The seeds that limit the freedom of human beings must be weeded out, as we lovingly tend our garden and nourish the healthy, life-giving blooms.

If you dream of building a healing centre, now is the time to take action on that vision. If you long to find a peaceful retreat in the countryside and make it your home, or start living in a more eco-friendly way, now is the time. Think in terms of creating your heaven on earth. If you are manifesting for funds to put your visions in place, they should appear readily now. You are going to see the results of the energy you have put out during the last cycle.

The Sun and Moon in Taurus are opposing Jupiter in Scorpio, reminding you to do the inner work on your psyche and emotions. To prepare for the new cycle and begin afresh, make sure you tidy up any lingering patterns that may be contributing to self-sabotage. Has life held up any mirrors to you lately showing you where you need to heal and grow? Take note and do the necessary clearing.

This New Moon in Taurus, take some time out for you, and slow down. Be aware of all your senses, and enjoy. Give thanks for the bountiful nature of the earth, and the beauty of Spring (or Autumn). In slowing down, you may find a truth that you had not previously been aware of. In the stillness and the rhythm of your breath, you may expand into new aspects of you that were hitherto unknown.

Peace & Blessings

Katy x

New Moon in Taurus Rituals

Go outside to a beautiful natural place, if you can. Give honour to Mother Gaia, and spend at least an hour walking barefoot on the earth. Sit and meditate with your root chakra on the earth, and tune into any messages she has for you.

Plant a seed or a sapling in the earth. This could be in your garden, in a pot, or in a natural place. Send it love and visualise a project that you wish to grow and flourish.

Go to a spa for the day and enjoy pampering rituals, mudpacks and herbal wraps. Reset yourself and take some time to enjoy!

New Moon in Taurus Meditation

Breathe, centre yourself and go into the heart of Mother Gaia. In that place of stillness, ask these questions:

What seeds do I sow for the New Earth?

What is my contribution to the New Earth?

If I could do anything at all with no limitations, what would I create, or build, or protect, or break down to help bring about a world of peace and harmony?

Katy Keel 15.05.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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