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Divine Feminine in EGYPT Sacred Tour & Retreat 6-15 November

Awakening the Heart of the Divine Feminine - Luxor 2018

Join us in Awakening the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine in the ancient land of Egypt. Empower your inner Goddess in Luxor, in the magnificent Karnak Temple, and commune with Sekhmet, Goddess of Healing Power and the Fierce Divine Feminine. Travel to the temples of Hathor and Isis, as we work with the Goddess archetypes of Love, Fertility, Beauty, Magic, Power & Healing integrating the energies into our chakra systems.

Throughout the trip, you will work with meditation, Egyptian oils and group work to facilitate inner transformation. Each woman will receive individual attention and powerful transformational processes. You will enjoy sisterhood circles on the banks of the Nile, sacred activations, chakra healing meditations and Sekhem healing as you continue on your sacred journey together. This will be an intimate, friendly group of soul sisters. This trip will energize and empower you to bring these beautiful healing energies back into your life, as you return recharged, transformed, and forever changed by beloved Egypt.

Sail with your soul sisters on a private boat on the Nile, river of infinite mysteries. Visiting the Nile Temples, each one a place of sacred initiation, integrating everything into the Heart Chakra at the Temple of the Mother Goddess, Isis, on Philae Island.

Access the keys and codes of Ancient Egypt and remember your soul's journey as we sojourn together.

Goddess Sacred Tour & Retreat - Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Luxor: our rep will meet you at the airport, assist you with your luggage, and check you into the 5* Luxor hotel. Our group of soul sisters will meet for a welcome dinner, and after that we will have our first circle on the banks of the Nile.

Day 2: Karnak Temple: we will visit the magnificent Karnak Temple, gateway to the mysteries, and spend the day meditating there after being guided around by our English speaking Egyptologist. This temple is dedicated to Amun Ra, the great hidden God, and is the largest temple complex in the world.

Private Access with Sekhmet: our group will enjoy private ceremony entering the seven gates of Sekhmet and P'tah, and spending time inside the Chapel of Sekhmet, the lioness Goddess of healing power. Sekhmet relates to the Sekhem energy, the "power of powers", and the Violet flame, and a healing activation will be given here.

Precinct of Mut: we will be guided to the precinct of Mut, the gentle aspect of Sekhmet who is shown as the peacedful seated lioness Goddess.

Luxor Temple at night: we will enjoy an evening visit to the serene Luxor Temple, lit up in splendour, as we are guided through this temple arranged in the shape of a human being. We will meditate in the ascension room, the holy of holies.

New Moon ceremony: our Red Tent women's circle for the New Moon in Scorpio, night of great transformation, will be held on the banks of the Nile, as you set you intentions for this powerful trip.

Day 3: Denderah - the Hathor Temple: we will drive to Denderah to meet the Goddess Hathor, and visit this beautiful temple which is one of the best preserved in all Egypt. This temple was a centre of healing and medicinal treatments, and had a healing pool in the grounds which people would travel to from miles around. Hathor relates to motherhood, fertility, love, magic, and all aspects of childbirth and female health. The wife of Horus, she is the beloved cow-headed Goddess. Our group will enter the crypt which is a sacred place of meditation, and connect with the energies of Hathor.

Day 4: Temple of Queen Hatshepsut: the mortuary temple for Pharoah Hatshepsut is built directly into the rock face, and considered to be one of the most stunning temples in Egypt. Hatshepsut declared herself to be the daughter of Amun Ra, and she built her temple lined up precisely with Karnak. Here we will tune into the energies of the Divine Feminine and this powerful Queen.

Valley of the Queens: visit to the Valley of the Queens, where we will see the Tomb of Nefertari, one of the most beautifully preserved tombs yet discovered.

Check into Nile Cruise: our private Dahabiya sailing boat awaits us, where we will enjoy a welcome lunch and set sail for Edfu.

Day 5: Temple of Horus at Edfu: we arrive at Edfu and visit the beautiful Temple of the Falcon God. Horus represents the Living Pharoah, the Divine Masculine, and the Victorious one. We sail on to Silsila and spend our second night on the boat.

Day 6: Gebel-el-Silsila: this was an important sandstone quarry site for the temples of the eighteenth dynasty to Greco-Roman times. Many intriguing shrines and stelae can be found here. We continue sailing down the Nile, river of infinite mysteries, and spend our third night on the boat.

Day 7: Temple of Kom Ombo: this imposing temple is dedicated to both Sobek and Horus. When Horus went to war with Set, Ma'at decreed that this sacred space be shared. There is a holy of holies for both, and the temple is split down the middle. Here we meditate on the Victory of the Light over the darkness. We spend our fourth night on the boat.

Day 8: Philae Island Temple of Isis: we arrive at Aswan and check into our 5* hotel. From here we take a small boat to Philae Island, the "Pearl of Egypt". This temple has the heart vibration and the energy of Mother Isis herself, Queen, High Priestess, Spiritual Master, Alchemist and Great Magician. Here we meditate on anchoring the Isis energy into the heart chakra.

Visit Aswan markets: free time in the famous spice markets and bazaars of Aswan.

Day 9: Trip to Abu Simbel: early morning drive through the desert to Abu Simbel, the Temples of Rameses and Nefertari. These temples are visually stunning, in a beautiful location by Lake Nasser.

Closing circle: we will integrate and embody what we have learned on this trip of a lifetime.

Day 10: Departures from Aswan: flights home.

​What's Included:

9 x nights in Egypt

Transfers to and from the Airport

5* Accommodation in Luxor & Aswan

5* Luxury Boat Trip along the Nile

All travel and transport within the trip

Hotels Half Board: breakfast & dinner

Boat Full Board: breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks

English speaking Egyptologist Guide

Entrance fees to all sacred sites

Private Access Visits

Meditations, Activations & Sister Circles

New Moon in Scorpio Goddess Circle

What's not Included:

International flights

Egypt Visa

Tipping Money

Spending Money

Some lunches, snacks and drinks

Optional activities

Trip Price: £1,799 if booked by September 30

Rooms are based on luxury twin sharing

Single Person Supplement: £400

Deposit: £750 will secure your place

All prices are in GBP

Contact: to book

Katy Sophia - Retreat Facilitator

Katy is a groupleader and transformational facilitator who loves holding spiritual retreats at powerful vortexes around the world. With 20 years experience in the field of health and healing, meditation, divination, coaching, transformational group work and alchemical practices, she loves to gently guide people to that place of inner knowing. She finds the synergy and synchronicity of groups magical and inspiring.

Katy has led retreats in Egypt, Glastonbury, and Portugal; she held a series of womens' circles and Red Tents in London; and she teaches energy healing and self-empowerment. A trained astrologer, energy healer and coach, she combines multi-faceted sacred knowledge to empower and transform.

All enquires:

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