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New Moon in Pisces March 2018

This New Moon falls at 27 degrees Pisces, and occurs at 1.11pm Universal Time - the number 11 again appearing in an important lunation in this 11 year. How is the inner mastery going?

Pisces rules the watery reams of feeling, emotion and intuition, and the lesson of this new moon is mastery of the emotions. It is also urging you to master your intuition, listening to the subtleties and whispers of truth, and giving it proper credence.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and this new moon wraps up an astrological cycle. We surrender deeply into the mystical waters of dissolution and rebirth, preparing for the Sun to enter Aries and herald the beginning of the spring. Ask yourself, what do you need to let go of? What do you need to release? What belongs to the last cycle? Allow it now to dissolve and flow away.

You have come full spiral, through a whole cycle of experience, and you find yourself again a babe in the womb, ready to begin anew, ready to be reborn. Pisces contains the essence of all the previous signs, all the wisdom, and all the suffering, which is why it is the sign of universal compassion. Allow the waters to cleanse away past pain and hurts, and receive some Neptunian healing. The wisdom is yours to keep. Consciously let go of the suffering of others, anything clouding up your energy field or weighing you down. Reset your boundaries and fill them with light. Only then can you truly be a healing presence for others.

One fish swims upstream, one swims down. Meditate on the areas of your life where your action, or inaction, is causing you to tread water or perhaps go backwards, sinking into a quagmire of confusion. Now look at which actions, thoughts and behaviours are lifting you up towards your dreams. Focus on these positive directions, and see them being filled with energy and life force. Consciously release the unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, until the balance shifts, and you can gain some forward momentum. The lesson of Pisces is to enjoy the journey, and just be, content within the moment.

This new moon has a special healing quality, falling at 27 degrees Pisces and also conjunct Chiron the wounded healer. 27 is a powerful number, 3 times 9, so this is a time for wrapping up cycles even more intensely, and healing past issues once and for all. To live fully on this planet, and give of your light, wisdom and love, you have to die to the past and all the things that have diminished your light and hidden the radiance of your being. Make now the time to truly do this. Step into the magnificence of you and give a gift to the world.

Mars is very prominent in this new moon, applying to Saturn as it enters Capricorn. All the plans and strategies you have put in place are given a huge boost of power now. Whatever you want to do, intend it now and put your all into it. The cosmic energies will back you up and support you with dynamic energy and drive. Just make sure you put in the work, and the steps you take are practical and methodical. This is the time to ground your dreams and build those structures in the physical.

Mars is squaring the Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces, giving a push to all the dreamy Neptunian healing energy, and spurring you on to take positive action. It is almost as if Mars is pushing these planets into Aries, where they will begin a brand new cycle. Mars is ruling Venus and Mercury, already midway through Aries, bringing a fiery dynamism to relationships and communications. Actions can be impulsive at this time.

Mars is also ruling over Uranus, the Great Awakener, in the last degrees of Aries, where it has been residing for the past eight years. During this time we have seen much upheaval in the world, with sudden events sparking great changes. As Uranus prepares to enter Taurus, these changes will take root and begin to grow. Take some time this new moon to meditate on the changes you wish to see in the world. What seeds would you like to nurture and grow? If all your wishes could be granted, what garden would you create?

Remember, Pisces is the sign of magic and dreams. This new moon is a turning point. What dreams will you birth? What magic will you weave? And what will we collectively dream for the world? Its up to all of us.

Blessings Be.

Katy Keel 17.03.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

Artwork: Josephine Wall

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