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New Moon in Aquarius Solar Eclipse February 2018

The New Moon occurs at 27 degrees Aquarius, at 21.05 UT /GMT. There is also a partial Solar Eclipse, visible in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Southern Brazil as the Sun and Moon conjunct.

This New Moon brings a lot of Aquarian and Piscean energy into play; these are two signs with a high frequency vibration of universal brotherhood, sisterhood and unconditional love and compassion. While of course we have our own personal stuff going on, this eclipse is asking us to look at the big picture, and how our energies work together in the world, and with Mother Nature.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury, the winged messenger, and issues of communication are very much present. How do you communicate in your daily life, with loved ones, friends and colleagues? Is it working for you? How do you get your message across to the community at large, if you have a message you wish to share? Spend some time meditating on this if you can, and you may receive some enlightening insights.

Humanitarian concerns are prominent, as the New Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio, which has been dredging up the hidden cesspools of our society and bringing many issues to light, such as Me Too, corruption in the entertainment industry, and the power plays of world leaders and lobbying corporations. An eclipse signifies a new beginning. We need to build new foundations after this clean out, as Pluto continues its journey through Capricorn and outmoded structures crumble.

Pay attention to what comes up for you at this time; maybe incidents from the past are coming to your mind, miscommunications and hurts, unhealed wounds and trauma. This is what you now need to release, send to the light, and be aware of how your current situation is mirroring these patterns. Once you see this, Uranus will help you make the necessary changes.

The New Moon is sextiling Uranus in Aries, giving an amazing opportunity for flashes of insight, thunderbolts of dynamic inspiration, breaking from the past and blazing new trails into the future

. Listen to what your heart tells you at this time. This is your chance to truly let go of what no longer serves, step out of your old skin and live true to your soul, expressing the beauty and power that live deep within you.

During the next two weeks, Venus glides through the watery womb of Pisces, preparing to be reborn as the Evening Star on March 4th in union with Chiron the wounded healer. This will be a time of the re-emerging Divine Feminine, healed and empowered, exalted in the sign of Pisces. Take the time on this New Moon to plant the seeds you wish to grow, set your intentions, and nurture yourself in whatever way you need, so that you can be reborn with the Goddess of Love next month.

Katy Keel 15.02.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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