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The Rise of the Divine Feminine

We are in the time of the rising of the Divine Feminine. This is known as the third wave of feminism, and the aim is for male and female energies to unite in balance, elevating the divine masculine also. We have had patriarchal rule on this planet for a long time now, and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries this began to change with the early suffragettes and second wave feminist movements of the Western world. Of course, there are many parts of the world that are way behind this journey. However, I believe the more we strengthen the communities and support networks in our own areas, the more we can reach out to our sisters in other parts of the world who are still experiencing subjugation. Rather than focusing on the ‘battle of the sexes’ the third wave focuses on the Sacred Marriage within, the uniting of the divine feminine and masculine energies that exist within all things. The idea is that, if we can harmonise these energies within ourselves, the effects will ripple outwards into all our relationships.

One of the ways patriarchy has suppressed women is to divide and conquer. The nuclear family is all about separation from tribe and community. A woman’s place was in the home, and women were divided into mother, whore and virgin nun. These could not exist together as men needed to separate the different aspects of woman, in order to better control them. Religion played a major role in this. Since women have entered the workplace, we have had to endure a culture of competition and attempting to emulate men to get ahead. The woman who competes with other women has become a stereotype, as have bitchiness, gossip and comparison. This separation and competition has inflicted immense pressure on women, who are also expected to nurture and care for their families and loved ones twenty-four seven. Is it any wonder we are seeing a rise in stress-related illnesses from fibromyalgia to breast cancer, female health conditions, mental health issues, emotional wounding and spiritual malaise?

This article is not coming from a place of victim consciousness. As an astrologer I view life as being made up of cycles. We are continually moving through great and small cycles of time, the aeons, the centuries, the decades, the years and the moons. The days and the hours. All civilisations have their rise and fall, as do movements and groups, and in our individual lives we experience cycles of growth, success, transformation, loss, betrayal, death and rebirth. There were once ancient goddess cultures. We know there was a matriarchy, and goddess temples can still be seen in places such as Malta, Egypt and India. In ancient Mu or Lemuria many people remember the goddess temples. Patriarchy was a cycle that we collectively agreed to go through on our planet, for the purpose of learning, and it is coming to an end. The sacred feminine truly is rising, and I hear many people saying “It's really happening!”

To heal division, we embrace all aspects of the Goddess within us. The daughter, sister, friend, lover, wife, mother, sacred prostitute, priestess, witch, shaman and medicine woman. The artist, singer, dancer, meditator, yogini, psychic, musician, creatrix, writer, speaker, entertainer, performer, comedian, thinker, inventor. The networker, the weaver woman of the sacred thread of life. The inner beauty, the vulnerability and rawness of it all. No masks or strait jackets required. A woman does not need labels; she does not need to be anxious, depressed, neurotic or hysterical. She does not need to choose between home and career. She does not need to choose between purity and the profane. She does not need to choose the temple life over love and family. Every goddess is unique and encompasses all aspects of what it means to be a woman. When we give ourselves permission to be whole, healing happens. The word healing comes from the Greek word holos meaning whole.

We need to move beyond the battle of the sexes, victimhood and blame. Many of us have endured male aggression and narcissism, and it is time to heal the wounds and take back our power and choice, thereby becoming truly empowered. When we do this we rise to our rightful place as sparks of the goddess, and we encourage the divine masculine to emerge. We have access to a vast array of healing modalities, from bodywork to energy healing, herbs, plant essences, yoga, homeopathy, acupuncture, crystals, sound and vibrational healing, counselling and psychotherapy which can help to transform past trauma and wounding. Ancient womb healing techniques are emerging from the Maya lands and other places, to heal the sacred chalice of the female body. The key is to start with what you are most drawn to. We can also know ourselves through astrology, psychic readings and shamanic soul retrieval. It's is possible to heal and clear genetic and ancestral patterns, past life trauma and even soul level beliefs. Many of us are tasked with healing several generations of pain and suffering. It is possible to do all this and more.

It is possible to find the balance point within the yin yang; to embrace our feminine energy and step out with the active divine masculine. If we have existed too long in a masculine world, we may need to rediscover our yin femininity through meditation, goddess gatherings, and connecting with our intuition. If we have always been very feminine and passive, we may need to strengthen the yang masculine energy with focused action and confident expression. The aim is to find sacred balance and authenticity.

Our gift to the world is to be authentic. Only then can we challenge the stereotypes that are harming young girls. The pressure to change themselves with airbrushing, surgery and starvation. The pressure to cram all that wholeness and infinite goddess beauty into a tiny, rigid cage that the media identify as female. This is an affront to humanity, not only womankind. Humanity needs us to rise up with our intuition, our passion and our magic, and do our part to create a world where our children and grandchildren will be safe and respected. Where children are no longer trafficked and girls seen as a commodity. Where women are no longer beaten or blamed for being raped. Where torture and slavery are no more. The balance is now needed.

The Divine Feminine is rising, and we each have a responsibility to heal the schism and conflict within us, to heal the abuse and victimhood, to heal the trauma, wounding, fear and resentment. It is up to each of us whether male or female to bring about the sacred marriage within. Every act of healing lightens the load of the collective. Every trauma that is released, every resentment transmuted, every victim empowered, eases humanity and increases the positive power on this planet. Every realisation, each act of forgiveness and love is a step towards the new earth. Every bond formed and support network created strengthens the cohesive power of sisterhood and brotherhood that are the hallmarks of the Age of Aquarius. We can do it together, as long as we seek to unite and understand. Every time we honour the goddess within we increase the light of the sacred flame.

Katy Keel 01.11.2016

Katy runs regular Red Tent women's gatherings and offers energy healing, astrology and spiritual life coaching as one to one sessions, courses and retreats

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