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Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre

As the sun aligns with the centre of the galaxy at 28* Sagittarius, there is a sense of coming home. This influence lasts from 19 - 21 December, and combines its energy with the Solstice Gateway.

The Galactic Centre is the deepest point of creation, the womb of the Goddess. The void from which all things come. It is time to reconnect to your deepest reason for being. What was the deepest desire of the Creator, when the impulse of your Soul emerged from the void?

It is time to go beyond, beyond, beyond. Beyond what you think you know - believe - think or feel. Beyond all that is familiar. Remove the veils of this world, sleep and dream another tomorrow. Dream of your connection to Source.

The umbilical cord of the Mother is pulling you back to remember. Remember a time before time, a state of being you have become completely detached from. Come back now. This is the anchor point, the dock, the Mother. The point of regeneration.

Who is connected to me will know eternal life. Who is connected to me will erase all sadness, rise and emerge from the dark waters of experience to truly be born again. Who knows the secret of the Core will never want for anything. Even if all is lost. Nothing is what it seems. Be driftwood no more, drifting on an endless ocean of perpetual tsunamis, washing up on any shore. Come home. Return to the original fire where the hearth is warmed for you.

The Mother knows exactly what you need. The Master Key will open any door. Slice through suffering and delete karma with the razor’s edge of complete control. What else is there to do but laugh? Just laugh….

This is love and belonging. Kiss the crazy dreams goodbye. The crazy nightmares, let them peel away from your reality like unwanted trash, let them fall as you walk, let them perish as you Rise. We are walking in the Real now. No more hijacks of the soul. No one would dare. Look in my eyes. No one would dare.

In your core, there is a darkness that is full of the nourishment of the goddess. It is ripe with regeneration. Full of splendour. Let this fill your blood. Let it be your strength. Go back to the roots of time, and in no time, be reborn.

We are. Children of the Galaxy. We are. Children of the Stars. We are. Beloved creations of the Goddess.

We. Are.

Fear no more

Katy Sophia 19.12.2022

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