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Venus in the Heart of the Sun – the Seeding of a New Cycle

Today Venus is Cazimi – in the Heart of the Sun – meaning that Venus is directly between the Earth and the Sun. When you feel the rays of the sun today, you are feeling the light of Venus shining on you. This marks the beginning of a new cycle, as Venus conjoins with the solar light and is reborn, seeded with new potential and possibilities.

Venus will rise as the Morning Star on 19 August, heralding the beginning of a new synodic cycle under the sign of Leo. The journey of Venus, in her descent and ascent as the Goddess Inanna, will take on the overriding qualities of Leo: the Sovereign, Queen, Lioness, Heart-centred Ruler, Creative Luminary, Solar Goddess of Light. This will affect all our relationships and creative endeavours, the way we use our gifts and talents, and the relationship we have with money.

Venus as the Divine Feminine and Goddess of Love is bringing in the Leonine qualities for the next nineteen months. In relationships, we need to feel like the queen or king that we are, worthy of love, attention and respect. On the lower levels this will play out as drama and attention seeking. There are those who simply want to be the centre of attention – but patterns rooted in childhood trauma will unravel during the Descent.

As Venus /Inanna descends, she moves through seven chakra gates, shedding an article of clothing or jewellery at each one, until she arrives in the Underworld - the Earth Star Chakra gate, stripped bare of everything. Here Ereshkeigal, Queen of the Underworld divests her of her body, and she experiences the Shaman’s Death.

Venus /Inanna returns to life and begins to ascend through the chakra gates, in the second part of the synodic cycle. This is when we reclaim and rebuild, taking the deep learnings of the descent part of the cycle.

For now, we are seeded with new possibilities, as we stand on the brink of the Venus in Leo cycle. It is a day to let go of the old and be reborn. If you are tired, rest. If you need nourishment, be sure to nurture yourself.

This is an excellent day for womb healing. The Sun and Venus shine their healing rays on the feminine and the sacred womb space. If you are called, just take the time to listen to what is held in the sacred void of the Goddess. Any stored emotions, allow them to release. Just listen, and watch them go. The womb will tell you stories of what is held within it – these stories seek to be acknowledged. Goddess Hathor brings healing of the Divine Feminine.

Allow yourself to be nurtured in the solar rays of Sol and Venus today, as you contemplate and dream. What do you seek to create in the next cycle – and what is your Soul propelling you towards?

Be still. Listen. All things are born in the Womb of Time. All things are possible in the Story of Creation. All things can be renewed and healed. All is Golden Love.

Venus Blessings

Katy Sophia 13.08.2023

Artwork: Sun Goddess by Kyoko Yamaji

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