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  • Katy Sophia

Full Moon in Gemini 23 November - Open your Mind to Radiant Wisdom

This full moon falls at 0 degrees Gemini, on 23 November at 5.39am UT.

Keywords are wisdom, sagacity, expansion, knowledge, communication, conflict resolution, duality, enlightenment, fated love, soul love, mind illumination, freedom, liberation.

The Moon in Gemini opposes the Sun in Sagittarius. These are the signs of mind and knowledge, expressed in different ways. Gemini is all about sharing information, no matter how trivial. The Gemini full moon may see people gossiping or talking about others depending on their level of consciousness. The impulse is to give and receive information, in a light, playful, curious way. Gemini is also the sigh of duality and multiplicity, and the Full Moon is illuminating all the parts of us that are fragmented or conflicted. Sagittarius is the sign of deep wisdom, faith, higher learning, expansion, philosophy, truth-seeking and spiritual teaching. So we are being called to balance these poles within ourselves.

Do we take the time to gather deep knowledge about how life works, from our own experience? Do we take the time to share what we have learned, in easy to understand language? How superficial are our communications? Do we pass on things without checking their authenticity? Or do we patronise those who seem to be less educated, when in fact they may be seeing a truth we don’t see?

The Sun is conjuncting Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius, illuminating the energy of fiery wisdom, expansion and abundance. Mercury retrograde is joining them, encouraging you to look deeper and take stock of lessons already learned. This full moon really calls you to open your mind, and see a larger truth. Perhaps a truth you have not yet considered. Then decide how best to communicate it. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius says, the knowledge is within you. What you have already experienced holds the keys to set you free. Just go back over it and feel it come alive inside you.

Mars is sojourning through Pisces at the moment, as the King of Cups, the watery warrior of feelings, emotions and creativity. He is in T-square to the Moon and Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. This adds a twist to the full moon dynamics, with possible conflicts surfacing in the home. The quest for knowledge and experience is coming up against the need for action, and the need to go with the flow of life and perhaps swim away from past constraints. The male energy is in a soft, feminine flow, perhaps lacking direction, but needing a rudder and a new tide. Tap into your highest guidance about where to go next, and the best course for your life. You can’t think this through intellectually, although the Gemini Moon would have people discuss every aspect with you and add their judgments and opinions. Detach, and be free. The open ocean beckons.

Venus the Goddess of Love in her sign of Libra is rising serenely as the Morning Star right now. She is playing an interesting game, attracting electric love connections as she opposes Uranus, bringing change and excitement to your relationships. Squaring Pluto, deep karmic connections and soul mate alignments are happening. This is another major T-square aspect interacting with the Full Moon patterns.

Relationship dynamics are very enlightening now, stuff from years back will come out in the open for all to see, broken connections will loose their bonds, clearing soul contracts that no longer serve. People will show their true colours, and you may see enemies come into plain view. Likewise, true friends. It is all in the interests of clarity and truth, so that we can move forward knowing and seeing what is really going on, the deeper levels at play, and what we are learning. This is a massive opportunity to step out of old karma, and constricting relationships. Look to see who is with you now, with whom can you communicate with ease and grace, without words, across oceans.

Full Moon Dzogchen Meditation

Sit comfortably in your sacred space. Smudge and choose a quartz crystal to hold. Meditate in your heart space, and ask yourself, What does my mind rest on? Visualise your mind, and all the space around you composed of a radiant diamond clarity. The Vajra state. As clear and stable as diamond. Illuminated with lightning wisdom.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia


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