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Full Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – Alchemical Healing

This Full Moon in Scorpio is potent in many ways, as a culmination of spiritual energies and a doorway into the next level of consciousness. The Lunar Eclipse deepens the intensity of this emotionally charged Scorpio moon, and brings about a completion of cycles. Themes of intimate relationships, sexuality, childhood wounding and armouring, lower astral emotions and deeply engrained emotional patterns may come to light.

The Lunar Eclipse completes the pair of eclipses which began with the Solar Eclipse in the last degree of Aries on 20 April. Whatever has been “cooking” for you is what you now need to release into the light. This moon is called the Flower Moon, and the full moon is the flowering of the lunar cycle. As the penumbral shadow passes across the face of the moon, traces of emotional patterns and subtle karmas can be exposed and released. When the full moon shines in its brilliance, truth is revealed.

In the sign of Scorpio, there are no holds barred. It is a sign of totality – absolute devotion, or absolute enmity. Absolute pursual of the path that leads to the truth. In order to heal and become whole, you must face the shadows. They cannot be denied or suppressed. They cannot be wished away with a fairy wand of love and light. To walk the path to wholeness, you must walk through the shadowlands of the soul, and emerge victorious.

In Scorpio, the battle of the Soul and the lower self takes place. The Soul must be victorious over the lower emotions of anger, pain, rage, sorrow, addictions, hedonism, jealousy, vengeance, power and control. The lower self is very compelling; it is like the bite of a crocodile that won’t let go of your leg. Symbolised by the scorpion, its pursuits only lead to poison. When the scorpion becomes the eagle, it can fly overhead and look objectively at the battleground. The higher self is realised. It learns that flying with spirit is infinitely more beautiful, and in time, learns to transmute the poisons of the lower self, to become the Phoenix, rising from the ashes of its former self, reborn in the vibrant fire of the soul.

The full moon day marks lunar and solar Beltane, the exact midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. In the Northern hemisphere, energies are rising with the sun, the sap is rising, flowers are blooming, and new green leaves are growing. The sun in Venus ruled Taurus creates beauty in the earth. This is a celebration of sacred marriage, a balance and union of the masculine and feminine to create new life. On the Maypole, traditionally red and white ribbons are danced and weaved, to symbolise the union of feminine and masculine.

Beltane is a fire festival, and marks the beginning of summer. The element of fire brings joy, spontaneity, passion and illumination. It is time to reignite the passion for your path and what you believe in, what your heart desires. How do you know your Divine purpose? You follow what makes your heart sing. Your heart will tell you, and will lead you closer to your purpose every day. Spirituality brings joy. Joy is a marker of spiritual progress. If you are not feeling joy, that indicates something needing to be released and healed. Look deeper into the shadows to find what is obscuring your light.

On the full moon, we have the opposition of Taurus and Scorpio, earth and water, body, mind and emotions. Earthly pleasures must be balanced with a healthy psyche and connection to spirit. To find true embodiment of soul in the physical, you must dive into the shadows and illuminate the darkness. What you find there can be recreated and made into something beautiful.

The Sun in Taurus is in between Mercury retrograde and Uranus, opposing the Moon in Scorpio. There is a provocative energy at play, triggering wounding through unexpected communications. This has been building for the past week. If you feel triggered, give thanks, as this is helping to shine a light on what needs healing. You may be experiencing heightened emotions, especially due to major solar storms this week intensifying planetary activity. Whatever is arising, this full moon is the release point.

If you feel the energies are very intense right now, make sure you take some time to meditate and consciously heal, release and let go. This moon is a very sacred time, known as Wesak, or the Buddha moon. Prayers are heard and answered. Spiritual practice is more powerful at this time. When you earnestly commit to your path, you will receive spiritual guidance and assistance.

It is important to hydrate with water and herbal teas, and avoid excessive stimulants. Ritual bathing in Dead Sea, Epsom or Himalayan salts is purifying and deeply relaxing. Try adding fresh herbs such as basil leaves, lavender or rose petals, and essential oils of frankincense, cedarwood and patchouli. It is ok to switch off, and enter into deep relaxation. The Buddha said, “Relax, relax, one thousand times relax”.

In meditation, visualise the element of water cleansing and purifying your emotional body. You can call on Goddess Isis to assist with this. The alchemical waters transmute and transform all lower density to a higher vibration. Find your spiritual focus, and offer up what you want to release. Feel and see it happening.

On this full moon lunar eclipse, it is time to see the truth of yourself, the truth of the world, and the truth of why you are here. To stand strong in the truth of yourself, and be unshakeable in that no matter what. Your unique purpose is a gift to the world.

Your Light is Divine – the world needs your Light

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 5.5.2023

Full Flower Moon lunar eclipse 14.58° Scorpio on 5 May @17.34 GMT /UT

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