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Full Moon in Libra – Eostre Moon - Breathe Peace

The Full Moon in Libra is the Easter full moon, symbolising new life. The ancient festival of Eostre was a celebration of Goddess Ostara who is also Ishtar, Goddess of Love and personification of Venus. Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, bringing the energy of love, harmony, beauty and balance into our lives.

This full moon is very sacred, pregnant with the energy of fertility, new beginnings and new life. The Goddess Ishtar was believed to be reborn every spring from an egg. This is the origin of Easter eggs – the Egg of the Goddess.

The Sun in Aries finds it balance and opposition in Libra, as we unite the axis of self and other, integrating our own needs into our relationships. We are called to consider the needs of others, and find harmony as we unify our goals.

The Sun and Moon are both squaring Pluto, so expect a lot of issues to arise, and buried “stuff” to emerge leading up to the full moon. This cardinal configuration is highly charged, especially when egos are involved. Sun in Aries square Pluto can bring about eruptions of suppressed anger and conflict. Moon in Libra square Pluto brings out anything that is disturbing the peace, and getting in the way of harmony.

Libra is a supremely idealistic sign that believes in absolute perfection. This is why sometimes anything that falls short of perfect can bring out anger and judgment. Lady Justice condemns those who disturb the divine tranquillity of the moment. This discontent can create more arguments and conflict, which feeds into the polar opposite sign of Aries.

The Aries Libra axis is known as war and peace. Both exist on a continuum. When we make peace with our own inner war, and just allow it to be, then a greater sense of balance and integration is born. We do not keep the peace for the sake of it. We speak the truth in the moment, and act as we are guided, finding our balance with each sacred breath. The observer, the mediator, and the warrior of right action co-exist together.

The square to Pluto in Capricorn helps us to master this axis. It is a release point. We must purge, cleanse and purify ourselves of past baggage, outdated thinking, unresolved experiences and karma. We are being given a window into reality to see what we need to heal. When we step back and relax into the moment, everything becomes clear.

This moon is showing us what we need to heal and release in order to be completely reborn. How can we bring our relationships into balance and alignment? How can we take more responsibility for our own filter of prejudice, habitual reactions, skewed judgment and projections? Can we simply allow others to be, and breathe peace in each moment?

As we go through the Aries fires of purification and rebirth, the still point of the Libra Moon calls us to reflect. Where is that point of perfect balance within us? Like a swimming pool after everyone has left the water, can we allow the ripples of our emotions to subside, as a whole new picture emerges? That picture is very different indeed. As we meditate and move through life in this way, we begin to untangle the webs of relationships that surround us in our daily lives. Others feel that stillness and space, and peace radiates out. We create a different kind of ripple effect. Ripples of love. Ripples of harmony. Ripples of inner peace.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 14.04.2022

Full Pink Moon 26° Libra 16 April @18.55 UT

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