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Full Blue Moon in Pisces – Oceanic Akashic Visions

The Full Blue Moon in Pisces has a powerful effect on our psyche, being a Supermoon and very close to the earth. The second full moon in August, there is a quality of magical abundance, and the Moon is conjunct Sadachbia, “The Lucky Star of Hidden Things”.

The moon is full at 7° Pisces, 7 being the number of Neptune, its ruler. There is a deeply oceanic, Neptunian quality to this lunation; with all the energy of Neptune /Poseidon and his powerfully shifting moods: the tranquility, the love, and the dreams; the unmatched passionate depths, rollercoaster of emotions and even rage.

Pisces is the ethereal sign of dreams and creation, subtle emotions and the full spectrum of human experience. While Pisces can encourage flights of imagination and escapism, this moon is conjunct Saturn, bringing a serious tone of realism to our reflections. We cannot ignore or escape the realities around us; however, we can create anew from the depths of our own souls, and this is what this moon urges us to do.

Coming at the beginning of Virgo season, we are called to balance the Virgo /Pisces axis within us. Virgo is mutable earth, grounded, mentally refined and meticulous. Pisces is mutable water, emotional, flowing and wild. Where do you need to go to balance these elements within you? Do you need more Virgo, or more Pisces in your life? Do you need to focus more on details, or let go and free yourself up a bit?

In balance, Virgo and Pisces are like music and dance. Virgo is the beat, the rhythm and the steps, which must be precise, like a heartbeat. Pisces is the melody, the music and the heart, the fluidity and flow and the magic.

On this full moon we have a kite formation in the sky, involving Uranus and Pluto, with Neptune opposing Mercury retrograde. The opposition to Neptune will increase the scope for misunderstandings, illusions and deception so stay grounded and alert. This is a time of reflection, and aloneness. We have two more weeks of Mercury retrograde, so it is wise to look back over the house it is transiting through for you, and see what you need to go over or reassess.

We are in the last three days of Venus retrograde, so it is time to wrap up reflections on love and relationships, and realise the inner work you have done on clearing the past and purifying your energy. Now is the time to release those cords if you have not already done so. You may have new insights on current relationships, and ideally more understanding and compassion for your love.

All in all, with seven planets in retrograde, this full moon is somewhat wistful and retrospective, melancholy and reflective. It is normal if you feel this way; the energies are bringing about an emotional release and clear up. Allow the tides of Neptune to sweep through your fields and clean everything with the power of water, bringing about a deeply pure reset.

Swimming, bathing, being near water, gazing at the ocean tides will help you to connect to this energy.

The Moon and Saturn are conjunct two stars in the constellation of Aquarius. The Moon is conjunct Gamma Aquarii – Sadachbia, known as The Lucky Star of Hidden Things. This star can indicate the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost, and can also indicate the right time for making moves, entering new ventures, and a likelihood of general success in enterprises.

Saturn is conjunct Alpha Aquarii – Sadalmelik, which indicates the need to be careful and cautious with practical matters, in order to find stability and security.

The Full Moon conjunct Saturn is bringing out the qualities of Saturn in Pisces, as the Lord of Karma transits the sign of the infinite ocean. Pay attention to what is happening in your life right now. Do you need more boundaries, more structures and rules? Do you need to be stronger? Do you need to go with the flow more, and shift your paradigm? All the goalposts are changing. We need to present in the moment, and find our centre in these shifting sands.

This full moon in Pisces is calling on you to view your life as unfolding through time. Are you revealing the qualities of your soul as you are meant to? Are you happy with your progress so far? Are you on track, or are you way off? Where do you need to be?

Pisces holds the ethereal energy of dreams and visions. This is a good time for an akashic reading, or learning to read your own akasha. What are your soul learnings, and what are you now creating? Where do you need to clear karma, forgive, release, and heal? Pisces is deeply compassionate and forgiving. We forgive to free ourselves from the karmic bindings that keep our souls trapped in the cycle of eternal return. We are being given the opportunity to completely free ourselves from all dense emotions.

This is an ideal time for cleansing rituals with water, ritual bathing, swimming in rivers or the ocean. Bathing with seasalt, Himalayan or Dead Sea salts, with rosewater, saffron or basil for purifying and cleansing the energy field and emotional body, will allow you to feel completely renewed.

Above all, now is the time to connect with your highest vision, and the deepest dream of your soul.

We are constantly creating. May your creations be good.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 31.08.2023

Full Blue Supermoon 7° Pisces on 31 August @01.35 GMT /UT

Artwork: Water Goddess by Itsbobfoster

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