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Summer Solstice 21 June 2021 - The Throne of God

On the 21st of June the Sun enters Cancer, the sign of cardinal water. This heralds the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere. While the sun is at its zenith, our focus shifts to the inner world of emotions, and how to master these. This energy is heightened by a Grand Trine in Water, allowing us to tap into the emotional realms. The Grand trine is formed by the Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces. This indicates a positive, harmonious energy in the element of water which rules emotions, intuitions, dreams and flowing, feminine energy. A grand trine enables us to deeply connect with this element. Dreams and visions may be heightened as Neptune brings down high frequency light codes to the Moon and Venus which are personal planets, affecting our inner life, relationships, instincts and emotions. This allows us to flow with life and follow our higher guidance. Two other trines are occurring on this day. The Sun is trine Jupiter, bringing benevolent energies, wisdom and guidance for those who seek it. Mercury in Gemini is trine Saturn, bringing clear thinking and the ability to organise, mobilise and create structured arguments.

On this day we have a Grand Fixed Cross, made up of Mars in Leo, Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius, and the Moon in Scorpio. This is formed of two oppositions and four squares, all considered challenging aspects bringing conflicts and obstructions. The Moon in Scorpio brings out deep, buried emotions and societal taboos. Opposing Uranus, the planet of lightning change and awakening, this is a highly provocative aspect indicating sudden, shocking events, emotional disturbances, disruptive communications and hidden truths emerging. What is suppressed will be revealed.

Mars opposite Saturn indicates energy that wants to move, and is blocked. Mars symbolises the collective masculine energy in the fiery, outgoing sign of Leo. People want to have fun, enjoy, socialise, and express themselves. However, Saturn in Aquarius is putting restrictions on freedom of expression, how people socialise, and the very meaning of community itself. Restrictions on activities, and obstructing the heart energy which is the essence of Leo, the Sovereign being living from the Heart.

Mars square Uranus is a volatile aspect that is known for increasing the possibility of accidents. The active, dynamic energy of Mars is at odds with the explosive energy of Uranus. It is wise to take extra care at this time, as people may be inclined to move fast and think less, get into conflicts and altercations, and use less judgment than usual. This would not be a good time to clash with law enforcement or attend a protest.

Saturn square Uranus is a long-term aspect that is affecting us throughout the year. It is near exact on this date, within one degree. It represents the old, established order clashing with new, rebellious thinking. The old paradigm versus the new. The restrictions being imposed on humanity, versus the freedom fighters and new earth builders. The square aspect indicates friction between these energies – it is not an easy ride. These are the birth pangs of the new earth.

Moon square Saturn is a serious aspect which tends to dampen enjoyment and bring a sense of heaviness, responsibility and awareness of burdens. Limitations and obstructions are in clear view.

Moon square Mars is known for bringing domestic strife, arguments, frictions, and causing people to snap. It is especially dramatic as the signs involved are Leo and Scorpio, so expect a few fireworks and theatricals.

With a Grand Cross, all of the aspects described above are intensified as they all occur together. In fixed signs, this is an extremely intractable energy. Fixed signs bring stability, and they are known for their stubbornness. During a grand cross, you may feel like you are being opposed from different directions, and energies are working at cross-purposes to you, depending on where it falls in your natal chart.

The fixed signs are depicted on the Universe card in the tarot. In the four corners you can see the Lion of Leo, the Man of Aquarius, the Bull of Taurus and the Eagle of Scorpio. The four fixed signs represent the Throne of God, as referred to in Revelations, and the four elements. These give rise to the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the prophecy, which are the mutable signs.

Pluto is also opposing Venus, the Divine feminine in the nurturing sign of Cancer. This is the mother and child energy, which is under attack from dark hidden forces. Relationships feel threatened by controlling, oppressive energies, both personally and collectively.

So on this day, there are many powerful aspects occurring together. Some are very positive and flowing, and some are rigid and challenging. It is important to stay deeply grounded, connect to your column of light, and stay on your inner throne no matter what. There are many conflicting energies that could throw you off balance. It is a good time to reconcile all inner conflicts, make amends and clear past karma, to ensure that these energetic patterns are not projected into your outer world.

Consciously connect to your higher guidance, intuition and dreams, and stay aligned regardless of what is happening around you.

Katy Sophia

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