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Saturn enters Pisces 8 March

Today Saturn, the mighty Lord of Karma, enters the nebulous ocean of Pisces. Saturn has been in Aquarius since 2020, a sign it co-rules with Uranus, as it ushered in the Age of Aquarius with Jupiter and the Great Conjunction. Many changes have taken place in the past two years, as humanity rises up from restrictions and finds itself divided into camps: those who are awake and moving into 5D; those who are entrenched in 3D; and those who are borderline /on the fence /ready to awaken.

As Saturn enters Pisces, this heralds a major collective shift for the next two and half years. Saturn was known as the seventh planet, as it is the last planet visible with the naked eye. Encircled by rings, it represents boundaries of all kinds. In alchemy, it was the lead that needed to be transmuted into the gold of the sun; the denser aspects of the lower self that must be transformed into light.

In the natal chart, Saturn shows our obstacles and restrictions, our difficulties and challenges, and the burdens of early life. It is associated with karma: the dense obstructions we have still to clear in this life, and where we are prone to excessive fear, doubt, and caution. It has a restricting, suppressing effect on the sign it is in and the planets it touches.

As we grow and learn, and navigate the rules of the material world, the boundaries of time and space, consequences, and karma; Saturn becomes our strength. It becomes a strong, dependable presence, a recognised authority, and a responsible ruler. This is why we have to master our Saturn.

Saturn is not naturally at home in the sign of Pisces - the planet of structure and boundaries in the sign of dissolution, fluidity and flow. So what effect will it have? The areas of life which are ruled by Pisces will receive a regulating, grounding influence, and new structures and disciplines will be introduced.

Pisces, the last water sign has the qualities of compassion, healing, fluidity, artistic talent, musicality, imagination, illusion, magic, deception and nuance. Ruled by Neptune, it governs healing, meditation and energy work; channelling and mediumship; film and the arts; and also the caring professions. It governs the oceans, the waters and the fluids in our bodies; also the emotional realms.

We can expect to see new rules and regulations coming into place for the healing professions; and film and the arts become more gritty and grounded. If you work with energies and subtle vibrations, be prepared to explain what you do in practical terms. The healing arts are coming down to earth - which is a good thing for some, but not for others. Fakers and con artists may meet their karma under this transit. There has to be substance behind the facade: it cannot be all smoke and mirrors. Real results and verified experience will be necessary. For example: there is more to being a coach than a glamorous marketing campaign.

So it will be interesting to see how this transit manifests itself throughout the next couple of years. Those who work with subtle energies need to be proactive, so that new systems and structures are favourable and beneficial, not draconian. The shadow of Saturn is too much restriction and limitation. Too much fear. Now is the time to being our own checks and balances to ourselves, our training, our daily practice and the way we express our work, so that we are properly grounded and prepared for this cycle.

Katy Sophia 08.03.2023

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