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Pluto in Aquarius March 2023 – March 2043

Today is the momentous day when Pluto enters Aquarius. The planet of death, rebirth and transformation has left Capricorn, where it resided for 15 years, leaving a trail of devastation in the established world as we knew it. From the banking crisis of 2008, to the Arab Spring of 2011, the c-vid years of 2020 – 2022 and numerous other world events, life is now very different in the “post c-vid” era (which kicked off when Pluto conjuncted Saturn in Capricorn). So what does Pluto through Aquarius have in store for us?

Pluto, the outermost planet, is concerned with “dying to be reborn” – the life, death and regeneration process that is all around us in nature. The old must make way for the new. Dead cells must be shed so the new cells can breathe. The autumn leaves fertilise the ground and life renews itself again in the spring. Toxins must be removed from the system to maintain overall health, and Pluto also governs the build-up of pressure in order for toxic waste to be released, much like an abscess that needs lancing and purging.

As Pluto moves through Aquarius, everything Aquarius stands for will be destroyed and regenerated. Aquarius stands for community. The eleventh sign, it rules groups and societies, and the communities that make up our world. Industrialisation and the capitalist system has drastically altered the old model of community. In the past, there were always small communities that helped each other, local leadership and responsibility. Now it is more a case of “every man for himself”. In the consumerist society there are winners and losers, and gross inequality is lurking in the shadows, behind the glossy advertising campaigns and brand names of modern slavery. Not to mention the elite “societies” that are pulling the strings and creating pain and toxicity for the world as a whole .

So how will our communities be regenerated and made anew? Aquarius also rules technology, and as we enter the Age of Aquarius which last 2,000 years, much has been said about the rise of AI and the new technology. It cannot progress without essential humanity at its core. The shadow of Aquarius would take technology to new frontiers at the expense of all that is human. Pluto brings out the shadow and the darkness, so we can expect this to surface and rear its ugly head so that people can recognise it, and push back to reclaim their humanity. Digital ids, and implanted tech are the tip of the iceberg.

Communities rely on currency. People have been expecting a currency crash for some time. Cash may be a casualty. Digital currency and crypto will emerge into prominence, and it is up to us who holds the reins. What is the currency of our new community? We must not forget that we still have the same value and resources we have always had. People have always exchanged with one another. None of us are poor – we have our intrinsic worth, and gifts and talents we can share.

Aquarius the Water Bearer gives forth the waters of life. This water is electromagnetic energy, the life-force itself. When all around us is destroyed, we still have our life-force energy and this is the currency we must work with. Do not let anything diminish, dilute or destroy your precious Life Force. We must be vigilant with our health, our environment, our psychic and psychological environment, and keep the connection to spirit strong. Do not let anything destroy your Soul, or all is lost.

Above all, Aquarius is about giving. The light inside is freely radiated for the benefit of all. This is the essence of humanity – to shine your light, and give in loving service to the community. These will be the tenets of the new community. Those brothers and sisters working at grass roots level – the communities forged in the earth, reforesting the land, re-imagining communication and social interaction; testing out new leadership models with shared responsibility and decision-making; having the courage to be vulnerable and daring to know what it truly means to be human. The best of the ancient past, with the best of the future, and the love of Mother Gaia and all humanity.

As we enter this powerful phase of history, it is a good time to ask yourself, what do I stand for? What does my ideal community look like? How should people treat each other? What is our value and our currency as human beings? What steps should we take to live in harmony and caretake the Earth? How can I implement this in my immediate environment, and local community?

Be prepared for change. Be prepared to love your sisters and brothers. Be prepared to share all you have. Be prepared to Rise as we embrace the New Earth.

Katy Sophia 23.03.2023

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