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New Moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse 14 December - Dreams & Wishes

This New Moon is a powerful fire moon of wisdom, and a total solar eclipse, visible in Argentina. A solar eclipse is an opportunity for a total reset, and a chance to let go of all that has been weighing you down. As the shadow of the moon passes across the face of the sun, we release the shadow and surrender to the darkness, allowing the Light to return.

The new moon in Sagittarius asks us to release harsh words and criticisms, anger, negativity, and losing consciousness in the moment. Look to where your honesty becomes brutal and cutting, or when your fire rises without centring yourself in a column of light. Sagittarius is swirling fire, spiralling freely, moving in delight of sheer wisdom and enlightenment. This energy wants to expand and grow, journeying, travelling, seeking, exploring. It desires freedom. It cannot be contained.

Like the flame that burns in the heart of humanity, our spirit cannot be contained. So much has been weighing down on us this year; so many restrictions, so much negativity, setbacks, lives curtailed and dreams put on hold. The fire is building within, the fire of freedom. All over the world, hearts are being stirred to preserve the life of humanity, and our natural innate sovereignty. It is time to release ourselves from the shackles and take back what is ours.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon, so this beautiful rebirth of wisdom has a sharp focus of mental clarity. Much truth can be perceived at this time. Mysteries are revealed, and the big picture unveiled. Meditate – focus – ask. The truth is there for those who seek it.

The Sun and Moon are trine to Mars in Aries. This aspect creates a beautiful flow of active physical energy and dynamic movement. Once you see the big picture, you see the truth and you are shown where you need to go. The trine to Mars brings the energy needed to accomplish your dreams. Like the archer, take your aim, and put your heart and soul into the journey. The path will unfold beneath your feet as a magic carpet, appearing and carrying you where you need to go.

Mars is moving into a square with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, so our actions may be challenged and there will be obstacles ahead. We need to hold fast to our sacred calling and keep a firm resolve. Saturn and Jupiter are approaching exact conjunction, in late Capricorn and then at 0° Aquarius on the Winter Solstice. This eclipse is releasing and freeing up our active energy so that we may walk through into the Age of Aquarius with a clear head and a calmer mind, as pure newborn sovereigns of the New Earth. Now is the time to release the obstacles of your heart, because an open heart is the most powerful force in the universe.

Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the collective South Node is purging all the dross of outdated thoughts, ideas, philosophies and religions. As communications arise that are not in alignment with Source; they can be spontaneously transformed in the sacred fire. Pay attention to your thoughts and the words you speak. They can shapeshift and ascend in the moment if your consciousness allows it.

The Sun and Moon at 23° Sagittarius are conjuncting the Galactic Centre, as the Sun approaches exact conjunction with this point in five days time. When the Sun and other planets pass over this point, we are called to contemplate the origins of our existence, the unfathomable depths of the beautiful mystery, and how far we have journeyed on the spiral of life. As we approach the Source of our galaxy, we humbly give honour and thanks to our guides and guardians, for the journeys and the lessons, and the infinite wisdom available to us as we expand our conscious awareness beyond the known and the knowable.

On this New Moon Solar Eclipse, take the time to be still, and consciously release and let go all of your burdens and darkness. Celebrate the return of the Solar Light, and the wisdom fire of Sagittarius. Accept the learning from your life situations, and resolve to move forward with a clear heart and mind. Become conscious of the flame burning within your heart, and the same flame that burns in the heart of all beings. Ask spirit to show you the right path, and gift you with fuel for your journey. Connect with the Heart of the Universe, and manifest your dreams and wishes.

May humanity be free

Katy Sophia 14.12.20

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