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New Moon in Capricorn – A New Birth

The New Moon in Capricorn comes two days after a powerful Solstice alignment, setting the tone for the year to come. This is the beginning of a new cycle, with the influx of solstice energies taking root in the sign of Capricorn, cardinal earth.

In the stillness of winter we dream and plant seeds deep within the earth. Precise visioning will yield the results of clear creations. If you have been meditating and doing your inner work, you should feel closer to yourself. Your core self that has nothing to hide, the self that was shown to you by the heart of the galaxy, and the golden light of the Great Central Sun. It is time to sink deep into the womb space and be nourished by its rays.

Capricorn is an ancient being that emerged from the primordial ocean of consciousness. With its fishy tail it was birthed onto land and became the Seagoat. As the mountain goat it scaled the mountain and reached the summit, mastering the material world. Consciousness embedded in matter became trapped and materialistic, focused on separation consciousness and personal gain. This aspect of Capricorn has reached its limits in the world. As Pluto ploughs through the last degrees of Capricorn, massive changes are occurring as outmoded structures are irrevocably altered. It is time for humanity to turn. No longer can these death cycles be perpetuated – spirit must awaken fully in matter, and embody the true meaning of this mystical sign.

With this new moon, each of us who are living as embodied light determine a new cycle. We are stronger than before, moving forward, ever-nourished from within. As we bring the light of our souls fully into this body, this life, our purpose becomes clearer. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which holds the energy of organisational consciousness. When you master this energy, you will find that what you need comes to you, the people you are aligned with appear in your life, and your outer world shifts and moves according to a higher direction. All actions stem from a higher guidance, and you join with a greater purpose.

This new moon at 1° Capricorn is square to Jupiter at 0° Aries. The powerful energy of Capricorn that builds strategically in the earth element, is propelled forward by the immense fire energy of 0 Aries, as Spirit infusing Matter with the energy of Creation. This is immense. The Winter Solstice aligns with the Spring Equinox point, as a new spring is birthed. This energy will empower your manifestations, those that are born from the purity of your Soul.

What are your true gifts for humanity?

We manifest now as We.

May the pure fire of spirit enliven and regenerate humanity and the earth, bringing about a new birth.

Solstice New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 23.12.2022

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