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New Moon in Cancer 10 July - Sanctuary

The New Moon in Cancer comes with some challenging aspects. This lunation should bring a feeling of warmth, safety and security. However, these feelings can be difficult to access, and it is now more important than ever to create your own inner sanctuary.

The Sun and Moon are at 18° Cancer. 18 is the number of the Moon card in the Tarot, and the Moon rules Cancer. 18 is the number of Life, and it reduces to 9. The new moon has an opposition to Pluto, and we are still deep into the influence of the mega T-square with Uranus, Saturn and Mars.

Cancer is cardinal water, the ruler of the world of feelings. At this time, the focus is on your home life, such as it is. Perhaps it is a place of safety and security for you, where you can retreat from the world outside. Perhaps it is not so happy, and these aspects will certainly bring out tensions. If issues are erupting to boiling point, that will be the opposition to Pluto. Be thankful that what was simmering under the surface is now shown in clear view. People at this time are acting according to their instincts, which may not be so conscious. If you look into the Moon card in the Tarot, you will see the wild aspects of the self contrasted with the tame and socially acceptable. This lunation is bringing out what was suppressed and hidden.

Depending on where the new moon falls in your chart, this may be a time for you to consider a change of home. It is a good time to visualise where you want to live, and how you will create your living space. It all begins with your inner sanctuary. The strength of meditation required in these times is immense. Certain places have very low, disturbed energy where the fear factor is high. In cities where nature is scarce, there may also be a feeling of disconnect. This is the time to dig deep into your inner resources. Find your column of light, your inner star, that which is indestructible. Radiate out from this point of light, and from there create your sanctuary.

The T-square with Mars, Saturn and Uranus has been causing a tense and disturbing energy for some time now. Venus is also in the mix, approaching Mars for divine union in Leo, as Lion and Lioness. The masculine and feminine energies are being expressed as fire, sovereign and regal, and this should feel like a unification in significant relationships. The problem is that the square to Uranus is bringing challenges from outside, sudden events and changing circumstances that can knock you off balance. The opposition to Saturn is bringing a sense of heaviness and restrictions, and the fact that these are aspecting Mars can bring conflict, arguments, accidents, and oppositions to your plans. These are deeply challenging times, and we must access and ignite our inner sovereignty. There is no alternative.

Whether or not you have a significant other, be that regal Lion/Lioness and find your inner fierceness.

It is interesting to note that we have pairings of masculine and feminine planets in Leo and Cancer. The Sun and Moon in the sign of the Moon, and Mars and Venus in the sign of the Sun. There is great opportunity for inner union, and alignment of masculine and feminine energies. It is possible to find the perfect balance, melting point, and spark of pure creation. Source exists within us all. The energy of creation is deeply surprising and powerful beyond measure.

Another aspect to be aware of is Mercury square Neptune. Check what people say and what they actually mean. Guard against illusion and deception, and seek perfect clarity in communications. It may seem difficult to communicate your truth and be understood. This will pass.

If the world around you feels rocky and unstable, if you are questioning your sanity, take some time to retreat and create a refuge for the new moon. Bathe in salt waters, take calming herbs such as chamomile, and magnesium to relax the muscles and the emotions. Blend beautiful oils such as ylang ylang, myrrh, angelica and helichrysum for massage, diffusing and ritual bathing. Meditate, journal and pay attention to your dreams. Work with moonstone, labradorite, sunstone and topaz.

May you find and create your Inner Sanctuary

May your Sun and Moon always shine

May you always be blessed with Radiant Love

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 10.07.2021

Artwork: Moon Goddess by Veronique Smith

New Moon 18° Cancer 10 July @ 01.16 UT

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