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Full Moon in Aquarius 24 July – Remember Who You Are

The Full Moon in Aquarius shines a spotlight on community, and asks you to focus on humanitarian goals. The Sun in the opposite sign of Leo shows you how to use your unique creativity to benefit humanity in some way. This has never been more important. There will be a second full moon in Aquarius on 22 August, a Blue Moon, so these themes predominate the whole month.

The Sun has entered Leo, strong in its own sign, ushering in the Lions Gate. The Sun, source of all light, love and power, resplendent in the sign of the royal lion and lioness, brings a strong connection to the leonine ones, and the pyramids and Sphinx of Giza. The energy of Sirius is growing in power, as it prepares to rise before the Sun after the Day out of Time on 26 July. Your attention is being called to the source of your Being, residing in the heart centre, your connection to Source.

The focus is to be strong in your sovereignty, your innate Godself, the spark of creativity within your heart. You have a God-given birthright to manifest your destiny. If the outer world is incongruent with what you feel inside, connect ever more strongly to your Heart-source and create the reflection of this in the world around you.

This full moon is not an easy time, as the Moon is conjunct Pluto in late Capricorn. More purging and cleansing are required. Expect yet more stuff to arise for healing, transformation and release. All that stands in the way of your ability to create healthy community is now asking to be cleared. Issues of trust, reliance, dependability, fear of betrayal, service to others versus service to self, anti-social individuals and annihilation of individuality may possibly arise.

The proximity of Pluto to the community full moon also speaks of danger. The communities of the world are not free; their human rights are being impinged upon. We need to reach out to others, and be aware of who needs help. We are all here to help each other, and create new healthy structures of living connections. Pluto opposite Mercury indicates psychological issues, fears real and imagined, and suppression of communication. It is vital to be clear in your truth, and speak authentically from the heart. Do not be swayed by misinformation and control.

The Moon will also conjunct Saturn in the hours after the exact full moon, and square Uranus, bringing more heavy conflicting energy on Saturday. Barriers and obstacles to community are all coming into view. Protests may have clashes or undesirable interferences. Peaceful assertion of sovereignty is the best way forward, navigating turbulent energies with a calm mind and a clear heart.

We have a series of quincunxes, from Mars to Pluto, Venus to the Moon, and the Sun to Jupiter, adding to the karmic clearing quality of this lunation. Events could feel ‘fated’ and it may seem like there are many obstacles in your path. It is time to shapeshift and transform, opening the doors to a new reality. Remember nothing is solid, it just appears so. Pressure creates evolution. It is time to become the diamond now, crystal clear and invincible.

May the fixed fire of Leo burn in our hearts, clearing all fear and doubt, igniting our Sovereignty.

May the fixed air of Aquarius create an inward moving channel of inspiration, connecting us to the Divine and lifting us to the sky.

It is time to remember the Magic – Remember Who You Are.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 23.07.2021

Full Moon 1° Aquarius on 24 July @ 02.36 UT

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