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April Energies – Activation & Manifestation

Aries Cardinal Fire

We are beginning the month of April with a strong Aries energy bringing dynamic changes, bold initiations, and a pioneering spirit to all you do. The Sun is conjunct Chiron in Aries, bringing the necessity to do your healing and inner work, and finish it. Own the triggers, cut the cords, and complete things once and for all. It is time to move on!

Sun conjunct Jupiter 11-13 April

The Sun is moving into a conjunction with Jupiter, which will dominate most of April, exact on 11 – 13 April. This is a big, fiery energy of truth, wisdom, freedom and expansion. If you have a dream, begin it now. If you know what your next steps are, put them in place. This is the time for enlightened action! You can harness this energy to do all the things you have been putting off, find the impetus to carve new pathways, and have the courage to make them happen. Don’t hesitate – spirit has your back. Just trust in the Divine spark within you, and move with it in sacred dance.

Full Moon in Libra 6 April

On the 6 April we have the Easter Moon, the full moon in Libra. This brings a sense of balance and harmony to all the firecracker energy around us. Peace, beauty, diplomacy, and justice are necessary in our human society. We must elevate ourselves and strive to be better. Could we be more refined, more elegant, more graceful, more kind? Could we maintain our dignity and overlook things sometimes, for the sake of harmony? Could we kindly and gently detach from unsuitable energies, maintaining our poise and grace? Balance in all things is the essence of life. We hold the balance – we keep the balance – and we work towards peace and justice for all.

Venus enters Gemini 11 April

Venus moves from Taurus into Gemini on 11 April, so this will be a very sociable time. You may reconnect with friends and family, meet new people and widen your social circles. Venus brings a kinder, more loving energy to the sign of Gemini, with her sweet diplomacy and charm influencing interactions. Communications in love relationships should be good at this time – you can find a way to say things in a light-hearted manner, and connect with witty humour and banter, sharing new ideas.

Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto, planet of deep regeneration, is newly in Aquarius for the first time in 248 years. This is a breath of fresh air for the collective, and may be felt as destabilising at first. Between now and June, we will feel the first stirrings of this energy that will be with us for the next 20 years. It is vital to create the communities, and the codes of conduct, that will serve us in the new earth. We are sovereign, and this is our time. When it is a choice between life or death, we must put the totality of our energy and passion, heart and soul into life as we wish it to be.

New Moon in Aries 20 April

On 20 April we have the new moon at 29* Aries, the second new moon in Aries of the year. This reinforces the energy of initiation and new beginnings that abound this year. The 29th degree of Aries contains the entire essence of this sign – the pure fire of spirit, the energy of ignition, the spark plug, the fire starter. The innocence and magnificence of creation. Dig deep into your soul, and really reach for it. You can access another level of truth. Don’t hold back.

Sun enters Taurus - Mercury Retrograde 21 April

This happens right before the Sun moves into Taurus, and on 21 April Mercury goes into retrograde in Taurus, where it will remain until it moves direct on 15 May. On the same day Mercury goes retrograde, we have a Moon Uranus conjunction in Taurus, so expect a few spanners to be thrown in the works on this day. Unpredictable events, shocks and surprises, physical delays and changes to your plans are likely.

Taurus Fixed Earth

The last week of April will be characterised by a strongly Taurean energy, with five planets in Taurus, including Mercury retrograde. It is a good time to slow down, go for springtime walks in nature, enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and don’t expect too much to happen. Be content in the now, love your home and caretake your body, love your relationships, give thanks for the bounty of life, and the wonder of Mother Nature. You should see the results of your manifestations growing, if you made good use of the Aries firepower at the beginning of the month.

Katy Sophia 01.04.2023

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