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Ascension Astrology

Ascension Astrology

The Star Map to your Soul

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Healing, Activations, Upgrades

Ascension Coaching

Ascension Coaching

Navigate your Life Path

Astro Retreat Luxor

Astro Retreat Luxor

October 2024

Egypt Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat

Egypt Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat

November 2024

Katy Sophia

I am Katy Sophia. I am passionate about transformation and soul alchemy.  Working with the tools of ascension astrology, energy medicine, sacred oils & meditation I can assist you to align with your soul path, find your purpose, and heal once and for all.

I offer sacred journeys in Egypt and Avalon, astrological training, and private mentoring to assist you on the path of inner alchemy and transformation.

Click here to book your introductory call with Katy

Flower of Life

Soul Radiance Tours

We offer soul journeys and transformational retreats at sacred sites on Mother Gaia, allowing groups to come together to facilitate a shift in consciousness on the individual and collective levels. This assists in the awakening and ascension of our planet.

What people are saying about private sessions, training & retreats with Katy:

1:1 Astrology /Energy Sessions:

"I feel blessed beyond my fondest dreams to have the privilege to meet, cross paths, receive and learn from Katy Sophia.

I have received so much vital and crucial information for my journey in my Astro reading. Katy has allowed me to interact and shared my soul voice, the way She reads is incredibly unique and heart centred, which I myself consider precious in the times we live.

Katy is a teacher of teachers, a powerful healer and seer. She carries precious codes of Hathor and Sekhmet, which will without a doubt impact your life.

I had readings with her, and I’m also booking coaching sessions because I trust her genuine heart and willingness to help, and I witness her going above and beyond to support me. For that I’m so grateful. 

I highly recommend Katy Sophia, thank you for who you are and all you do."

Ana Matta, Therapist

"Katy did me a reading in preparation for the solar eclipse. What she told me couldn't have been more succinct and to-the-point. It helped me undergo the intense karmic challenge I went through with extra elegance, ease, and knowledge that this was all a gift from the universe to support me and give me sacred rebirth. I recommend her readings to all."

Tamara Maat, Egyptian Shamanic Healer

"I can honestly say that was the best Astrology reading I've ever had.  Katy was able to communicate it to me in a way I could understand. It made a lot of sense to me and explained the reasons for my career change, and gave me the courage to follow my calling"

Traci West, Teacher

"Everything Katy said really resonates. No-one has ever read my chart like that before. She allowed me to see key issues in my life with a fresh perspective, it helped me a lot"

Lauren Bailey, Homeopath


"I recently had an energy healing session with Katy and enjoyed the whole session. Katy was kind, understanding and I felt so at ease working with her. I didn't know what to expect and Katy explained everything with patience. I would recommend Katy anyone to who would like to try energy healing. Katy has a real confidence with her work and is so intuitive."

Lucy Tobias, Shamanic Healer

"I had a healing session with Katy last month, it is process that instantly got to the root of a pattern within my soul.  Afterwards the clarity and insight and healing rippled through my life in different ways."

Kathleen Dutton, Artist & Healer

"The relationship healing session was so powerful and insightful and it really allowed me to value the work Katy does .... I honestly feel that she gave me everything in that session. Issues around childhood and relationships just clicked into place, and I gained completely new insights"

Kat Black, Entrepreneur

Practitioner Trainings:

"I would definitely recommend doing the Astrology course (Intensive Astrology 1, 2 & 3) with Katy as it was really fun to learn and very informative.

Learning Astrology with Katy has really changed my life. It has allowed me to learn so much more about myself, about other people and about nature.

I have learned how very influential the planets and star systems are on our lives as individuals as well as a collective.

It has been amazing! Thank you Katy. "

Charlene Henry, Holistic Therapist

"Katy thank you so much for bringing us all together. You are an amazing healer and teacher and I'm very much looking forward to your next class. I've experienced so much progress since working with you - I feel I'm so much more in alignment with who I am and what my goals for this life really are."

Stephanie Robinson, Writer

"I have completed three Energy Healing courses, and attended two retreats (in Glastonbury & Portugal) with Katy. I am delighted at how my gifts and knowledge base has developed, I owe a huge thank you to Katy Sophia for providing solid training and the perfect settings for me to explore and grow. My life has positively changed since booking my first course three years ago. Onwards and upwards!"

Star Franklin, Psychic Healer

"Becoming a Practitioner and practising for myself is changing my life in more ways than I could imagine...  Not only can you work on healing yourself but as a therapist you can incorporate the techniques into your work, and.. in more progressive businesses there too!  Katy is a great teacher.  She is thoughtful, knowledgable, compassionate and fun!  Just the qualities you want in a teacher.  Thank you Katy for facilitating such a massive shift for me in a momentous year!"

Kirstie Sivapalan, Crystal Healer

"The whole course was super intense for me...  I think you are a wise teacher, very sweet, super helpful, wonderful soul and I'd like to say a special thank you for taking care of me and heal me.  I made a very good decision to be a part of your group, I'll never regret. Taught me a lot.. and I'm happy for that"

Anita Racz, Consultant

"Katy you provided such a loving supportive environment, thank you...

It was amazing to do the course with such a wonderful group. I cannot explain how uplifting and illuminating it was, it was everything I wished for and more."

Symone Wallace, Healer

Spiritual Retreats:

Beyond the surface of traditional tours

"It is hard to put into words what I experienced on my journey to Egypt with Katy and our incredible group of women.  First off I had no desire to go to Egypt but it kept calling me and showing up in my world so I began my search for a retreat.  I knew that If I went it had to be a spiritual retreat that went beyond the surface level of the traditional tours. 
When I came across Katy’s website and read the incredible intinerary I immediately knew I had found my retreat.   Egypt was so much more than I could have ever imagined. It is a deeply empowering place that has awakened caged up power within me, and blasted my heart wide open.  It gave me the courage to release the things and people in my life that were safe and comfortable allowing me the space to grow beyond my fears, and false limitations.   It was the perfect way to end a year of self work.  I am new blank canvas ready to paint my masterpiece.
So if you are ready for transformation and Egypt has been calling you I highly suggest Katy and her retreat. 
I am forever grateful to Egypt and most of all the beautiful soul sisters I gained on this journey."
Amanda Beisel, Consultant

"The Private Access visits were very special & made the trip for me.  Not sure I can (say what I enjoyed most) as I loved the whole ‘journey’…  Just loved the whole experience!  The itinerary and organisation were excellent... We loved overlooking Great Pyramid!  Our Egyptologist Guides were exceptional - as well as being extremely knowledgeable & delightful people they were also very helpful & took care of any issue in the background.   There was just the right amount of ‘guiding’ and time to enjoy on our own… not over organised which I liked.  Thanks Katy :-) A trip of a lifetime!"

Lyra, Sound Healer

Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever

"There is no other place on Earth like Egypt! Visiting its extraordinary sites which still hold the ancient high vibrational energy is absolutely transformational.
It has been my dream since I was in my teens and joining Katy Sophia’s retreat made my dream come true.
The immersion in the ancient sacredness of the temples has been very profound for me and all of us collectively. I didn't feel like a tourist visiting another country but like a priestess returning home to the temple. It was an empowering process that clarified my connection with Egypt. Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever.

I came home to myself, the anxiety has dissipated, the fears burned away and my Soul surrendered and melted into the waters of the Nile, from where everything germinates and is born anew...
We saw things of a breathtaking beauty, we meditated in the most beautiful sites and we sailed in the most magical river in the world.
I will be forever grateful to Katy for making this trip possible for me and if I had done it by myself I wouldn't have had the blessing of all this trip offered including very special new friendships.
Thank you Katy Sophia, LOVE YOU! ❤🙏

Nilah Veronica Massa, Therapist

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