Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Awaken, Activate, Transform

EGYPT Sacred Journey

EGYPT Sacred Journey

November 2020

Soul Path Astrology

Soul Path Astrology

The Star Map to your Soul

Avalon Retreat

Avalon Retreat


Ascension Coaching

Ascension Coaching

Navigate your Life Path

Katy Sophia offers services centred on transformation and soul alchemy, allowing your Light to shine with the beauty and power of your soul.  Do you dream of developing your Soul gifts to the fullest, attuning to your life's purpose and being the greatness that you are?  Are you consciously detaching from the Matrix, and being called to lead a truly meaningful life, touching others and serving the new earth? 

I can help you to uncover your brilliance, life purpose, and innate creativity.  Using many tools ranging from astrology, energy medicine, chakra work, ascension coaching & meditation, I can help clear barriers within you so that nothing looks the same.  Your life reflects what is within you, and once you change your beliefs and feelings everything begins to transform. 

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Katy Sophia offers transformational retreats at sacred sites around the planet, allowing groups to come together at power places on Mother Gaia, facilitating a shift in consciousness on the individual, soul and collective levels. This assists the awakening and ascension of our planet.

What people are saying about private sessions, courses, and retreats with Katy:

Soul Path Astrology Readings:

"Katy did me a reading in preparation for the solar eclipse. What she told me couldn't have been more succinct and to-the-point. It helped me undergo the intense karmic challenge I went through with extra elegance, ease, and knowledge that this was all a gift from the universe to support me and give me sacred rebirth. I recommend her readings to all." Tamara Maat, Egyptian shamanic healer

"I can honestly say that was the best Astrology reading I've ever had.  Katy was able to communicate it to me in a way I could understand. It made a lot of sense to me and explained the reasons for my career change, and gave me the courage to follow my calling"


"Everything Katy said really resonates. No-one has ever read my chart like that before. She allowed me to see key issues in my life with a fresh perspective, it helped me a lot"


Energy Healing Sessions:


"I recently had a Theta healing session with Katy and enjoyed the whole session. Katy was kind, understanding and I felt so at ease working with her. I didn't know what to expect and Katy explained everything with patience. I would recommend Katy anyone to who would like to try Theta healing. Katy has a real confidence with her work and is so intuitive."


"I had a Theta Healing session with Katy last month, it is process that instantly got to the root of a pattern within my soul.  Afterwards the clarity and insight and healing rippled through my life in different ways."


"The energy healing session was so powerful and insightful and it really allowed me to value the work Katy does .... I honestly feel that she gave me everything in that session. Issues around childhood and relationships just clicked into place, and I gained completely new insights"


The session went very deep and I had visions of a past life... It is completely relevant to my current relationships with my family. I feel this has been healed and cleared. Powerful"


Practitioner Training:

"I have completed two courses, and attended two retreats with Soul Radiance. I am delighted at how my gifts and knowledge base has developed, I owe a huge thank you to Soul Radiance for providing solid training and the perfect settings for me to explore and grow. My life has positively changed since booking my first Reiki course with Katy 3 years ago. Onwards and upwards!"


"Becoming a Theta Healing practitioner and practising Theta for myself is changing my life in more ways than I could imagine...  Not only can you work on healing yourself but as a therapist you can incorporate the techniques into your work, and.. in more progressive businesses there too!  Katy is a great teacher.  She is thoughtful, knowledgable, compassionate and fun!  Just the qualities you want in a teacher.  Thank you Katy for facilitating such a massive shift for me in a momentous year!"


"The whole course was super intense for me...  I think you are a wise teacher, very sweet, super helpful, wonderful soul and I'd like to say a special thank you for taking care of me and heal me.  I made a very good decision to be a part of your group, I'll never regret. Taught me a lot in a painful way but I'm happy for that"


"Katy thank you so much for bringing us all together. You are an amazing healer and teacher and I'm very much looking forward to your next class. I've experienced so much progress since working with you - I feel I'm so much more in alignment with who I am and what my goals for this life really are."


"Katy you provided such a loving supportive environment, thank you...

It was amazing to do the course with such a wonderful group. I cannot explain how uplifting and illuminating it was, it was everything I wished for and more."


Soul Radiance Retreats:

Sacred Tour of Egypt
"The Private Access visits were very special & made the trip for me.  Not sure I can (say what I enjoyed most) as I loved the whole ‘journey’…  Just loved the whole experience!  The itinerary and organisation were excellent... We loved overlooking Great Pyramid!  Our Egyptologist Guides were exceptional - as well as being extremely knowledgeable & delightful people they were also very helpful & took care of any issue in the background.   There was just the right amount of ‘guiding’ and time to enjoy on our own… not over organised which I liked.  Thanks Katy :-) A trip of a lifetime!"


Avalon Healing Retreat

"Thank you to Katy for a beautiful retreat in Glastonbury that was both challenging, healing and peaceful, to all the beautiful people I shared it with, also thank you for allowing me to share my sound work, which I feel was the most deep and powerful ever the energies were off the wall. Feeling a great shift in moving forward embracing my own magnificence."


"Wonderful weekend with beautiful gifts that I will cherish throughout my life journey. Great experience, I enjoyed every moment. The retreat house was extra special with the views, so captivating.  I loved the walks in the country, visits in the local area, the activations in the field where we sat in a circle felt very special, the connection with nature and activations words can't describe was truly amazing. The experience at the Chalice Well was beautiful, having the time to wander the grounds and be at one with the gifts offered."


Portugal Eco Retreat

"Before the retreat  I was stressed, anxious and emotionally scattered.  I noticed a huge difference between before and after.  I was desperate to vibe down and bring energies into focus. The retreat really achieved this.  It gave me the confidence to listen to myself and let things go.  I want to hold with the guidance I received.  Personally I loved the yoga and journeying sessions, and especially the location. All of that was perfect for our group.  I also appreciated being able to do my own thing and have quiet time alone.  The chatter was a bit much at times but it was fine to feel free to 'talk to the trees' as it were.  Since the retreat I have made some big transformations!"


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