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Sun into Libra - Equinox Gateway 22 September 2020

The Equinox occurs at 13.35 GMT on 22 September 2020, signifying the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Equinox gateway is most powerful between Monday 21st September and Wednesday 23rd September, when the day and night are of equal length, and the Earth’s magnetic field is lowered.

During this time, a shift occurs as we begin our descent towards the Winter Solstice and the longest night. The Sun enters its “fall” at 0° Libra, symbolised by the myth of Persephone as she journeys into the underworld. This is the midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstice – a point of stillness and balance.

The light and dark are equal at this time, and the darkness now begins to increase. What does this mean? Our spiritual light must shine brighter. As we journey inward with the descent of the year, now is the time to find the balance and stillness within.

This time of balance between day and night, light and dark, summer and winter creates a powerful portal. As the Earth’s magnetic field is lowered, it is possible to pierce the veils and see through the illusions of our lives. The collective field of thoughts, feelings, perceptions, energy, karma, action and reaction is playing out around us like weather systems, creating a veil of perceived reality. The earth and the sun and the natural cycles are urging us to come into alignment. When we no longer buy into illusions, they cease to become part of our reality. To align with natural cycles, honour the earth and heavens, walk lightly and allow ourselves to be guided, are some of the most powerful things we can do.

At the time of the Equinox, the Moon, Venus and Mars are all in fire signs. This generates a flamboyant, spontaneous feeling to the day. The waxing Moon in Sagittarius brings hope and optimism for the next cycle, as we set our sights on the dream for the inward journey of the year. In trine to Venus in Leo, relationships receive an abundance of warmth, and playful creative energy. The Divine feminine is strong, confident and supported in the sign of the lioness.

Mars has been retrograde in Aries since 10 September, and will be moving backwards through this sign until 14 November. Mars has been strong in its own sign of Aries since June, as the Divine masculine warrior of light. The planet of action, will and drive in the sign of cardinal fire brings about impulsive, impetuous actions. The highest expression of this is taking swift action from the divine spark of Creator in your heart, cutting through illusion, confusion and inaction. The lower manifestations include anger, aggression, rash reactions, belligerence and war. We have seen plenty of this energy in recent months. Now Mars is in retrograde, these qualities are turned inwards. So what does this mean?

Mars retrograde in Aries has a cleansing fire that will renew you on a soul level, if you allow it, so you are ready to begin your mission with purity of heart. The spiritual qualities of Aries are innocence, trust, spontaneity, divine inspiration, right action. The masculine warrior turns inwards to become a warrior of light. This can also be a time of healing for wounds caused by male aggression. The male collective consciousness is healing from dark expressions of masculine energy in the world, caused by the shadow of the wounded masculine out of balance with the feminine.

The dark masculine can become underhand, devious and violent at this time, so awareness is key in bringing misdirected actions to light. As the days become shorter, there are some who would want the darkness to take over, and humanity cannot allow that. We have been through the summer (in the Northern hemisphere), a time that normally sends corona viruses into remission. Yet still we have an ever tightening system of control that seeks to implement a dark agenda. Forced vaccinations and brutality are the shadow of Mars in Aries. Seeds are being planted while Mars is in the primordial fire sign, and we should take care to plant the seeds we wish to see bloom.

Each light that is added to the collective consciousness becomes a torch illuminating the sacred timeline. Ground into the earth, connect to the heavens and hold your sacred light. Anchor the frequency of the natural ascension timeline that is gifted to you by God. Have the courage to pierce the veils and see beyond illusion. Every soul counts. Every thought, word and deed counts. We are humanity; we are the many. Our riches are the infinite abundance of the earth, and our true place in the cosmos.

Can you keep your feet on the ground and maintain your place in the cosmos, while all around you a false movie is playing on a screen? Remove the screens, remove the veils, do not buy into dystopia. This is a test of true vision. Fear will bind you; the lower vibrational frequencies will create attachments to the dark timeline. We hold the light. We keep the faith that Persephone will emerge again from the underworld and bring a new spring. Gaia Sophia will be victorious in her beautiful emergence. Where do you align your frequency? The predominant frequencies weave the fabric of reality.

Libra is Lady Justice, Ma’at, Divine Cosmic Order. The 42 ideals of Ma’at was a code to live by, in order to maintain the proper balance of life. The ancient Egyptians lived in harmony with the earth and cosmos, and celebrated the turning of the wheel and the natural season and cycles. The antithesis of cosmic order is the principle of chaos – Set. Not just any chaos; but a destructive form of chaos calculated to destabilise and fragment. The agents of darkness are agents of chaos. Their purpose is to divide and conquer, fragmenting the wisdom and power of the Divine masculine, just as Set cut Osiris the righteous ruler into pieces. The Divine feminine holds the keys to retrieve and restore the masculine, bringing about perfect balance: Libra. Libra is a masculine sign yet ruled by Venus. The sign of relationships and sacred marriage holds the balance of self and other.

Ma’at holds the Scales of balance that granted an individual entry into the afterlife. The heart of the deceased was weighed against a feather, and they would recite the negative confessions of Ma’at. The heart is as light as a feather when the scales of karma are clear. So now we must free ourselves from the load of karmic burdens. Guilt, shame, anger, greed and hatred weigh us down. Sorrow weighs us down. Fear and doubt weigh us down. Call upon Ma’at to bring about sacred balance in your life. You will feel what you need to let go of. Release, forgive and heal. Make amends, do what is right. As you lighten your personal load, we lighten the load of the collective, and open the gateway to the higher frequencies of ascension.

Venus the ruler of Libra is now in Leo, as the Divine feminine expresses herself through heartfelt communication and authenticity. She is in trine to the Moon and Mars, and also in quincunx to Jupiter and Neptune. The feminine holds the keys to healing, through sacred sovereignty and the power of Leonine qualities. The trine to Mars encourages the illumination and unravelling of male shadow traits, through authentic sharing, vulnerability, and sheer warmth and light. Venus in Leo is a Goddess Queen whose playfulness and joy can allow shadow dramas to dissolve. The quincunxes to Jupiter and Neptune indicate a necessary balancing, between what we are seeking to build and create, and the veils of illusion, glamour and deception that stand in our way. A major shift and karmic balancing is underway, so that only the purest intentions can emerge.

The Sun is in trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the next few days. This influence brings a powerful ability to leverage the destructive forces in our lives, with the light of conscious awareness. Shadows are much bigger than the objects that cast them, and at midday, there are no shadows. The conjoining of Saturn and Pluto in January heralded the beginning of the corona plandemic. These powerful planets have been dancing together throughout the year, and are now within three degrees of each other. We are seeing the destruction of the established order and the world as we know it playing out before our eyes. Saturn brings the ability to rebuild, but is a stern taskmaster. At this time of balance, with the Sun at 0° Libra poised on the scales of Ma’at, we must balance our karma and heal our shadows so that we can rebuild after the destruction, with cohesion and purity of heart.

As we journey through this equinox gateway, allow yourself to experience the shift and profound rebalancing. Look into your heart with the truthfulness of Ma’at, and ask yourself what needs to be healed and released. The path of service begins within, so we do not project our shadows. Clear vision begins with stillness, like a pool after the ripples have gone. The picture completely changes, and you realise the truth has been here all along.

Equinox Blessings

Katy Sophia 21.09.2020

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