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Spring Equinox /New Moon in Aries – The Fire of Creation

The Spring Equinox occurs on 20 March in the Northern Hemisphere, at the moment the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, cardinal fire. This heralds the beginning of spring, and a new astrological year.

On the equinox, the days and nights are equal length, and the earth’s magnetic field lowers for a 48 hour window. This is a powerful time to meditate, as energies are heightened and the veil is lifted. We have had huge amounts of solar activity leading up to this point, and many things will be revealed as we shift into 5D.

The shift from Pisces to Aries is a rebirth from the cosmic womb into the primordial fire of spirit. We move from dreams and illusions to definite, focused will. The fire of creation is in our hands as we birth a new cycle.

This past month, as the Sun has travelled through Pisces, we have dreamed a new reality into being. You may have connected with your higher guidance, and received messages about the next stage of your journey. As the Sun enters Aries, it is time for action. Aries does not hesitate, it charges forwards like the ram, head first. This is a time of initiation, bold impulsive movement, and dynamic leadership.

As we transition into the next cycle, it is imperative to see what is no longer working, in our own lives and society at large. Many things are broken. Humanity is on the brink. Maybe the question to ask, is what does it mean to be human? The fire of the Gods is in our hearts. We have the ability to create. We have the desire for freedom, and we are not meant to be enslaved, or forced into artificial robotic routines. To be human is not to be a robot, or a lab rat. Humanity is a child of Mother Nature under the starry Cosmos.

So we have a choice, at this major turning point. To preserve our essential humanity, and take it to the next level. To honour Mother Earth and the wisdom of the stars. To realise the sovereignty in our hearts, and not wait to be told what to do. This will take the fire of a warrior, and each one must find it within them. What you choose to do this year is vitally important.

The New Moon in Aries occurs on Tuesday, still within the equinox window. The Sun, Moon and Mercury the divine messenger all closely conjunct at the beginning of Aries. Jupiter and Chiron are dancing together midway through Aries, magnifying the passionate, fiery nature of this sign, and giving the opportunity to heal the wounds of the past. So with five planets in Aries, it is all systems go. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is squaring the Sun and Moon, giving an extra surge of power to this highly charged equinox new moon.

With so much fire, it is wise to hold your balance and consider your actions carefully. This is a time to commit to the year ahead, and forge the right path for your soul. However, other people may be more impulsive and world events could be triggered. As a collective, we much hold the balance for the true divinity of humanity, and focus the vitality of the lifeblood in our veins for the greater good. Do not be side-tracked by anger or drama. Your lifeforce is precious.

Every thought, every action, every vision, every manifestation counts. Now is the time to focus your intentions like the sun through a magnifying glass. The spark you hold in your heart will catch fire.

As a counterbalance to all the Aries energy, we have Venus in Taurus conjunct the collective North Node. This brings an earthy, grounding energy and a reminder to slow down, and spend time in nature when you can. Take care to avoid burnout, connect with the earth, appreciate the spring and life renewing itself once more. Nature is the visible aspect of God. When you walk in a forest, your energy field is cleared, and it is possible to perceive magic. Connecting to the cycles of nature is an important way to balance your circadian rhythms, and conserve your energy. Waking at sunrise will do wonders for your health, as will earthing – walking barefoot on the ground.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and in this sign she brings love in abundance. Delighting in sensual and artistic pleasures, the Goddess of Love can create in the physical. When the divine spark of Aries enters the fertile earth of Taurus, your manifestations take shape. This is a highly creative time, and you can magnetically attract all you need when your intentions are clear and aligned.

On 24 March Pluto enters Aquarius, signalling a major shift for humanity. The planet of transformation and rebirth is leaving the earth sign of Capricorn after 15 years. Capricorn represents tradition, and the established orders and structures of the world, which have seen a lot of upheaval and devastation. Aquarius is a future focused sign, all about community and universal sisterhood and brotherhood. It is time to transform our communities, and what it truly means to be human. The sign of Aquarius is about shining your light for the benefit of others, not just yourself. True humanity always seeks to help, and give freely. The networks we create will assist those who are trapped in the density of the matrix.

In this week of monumental change, the focus must be on humanity and the earth, and how we can transition to the next level. Do not be afraid to carve new pathways, and bring in the new. With love, we can reach out and create a new reality. As human beings, we have so much light and wisdom inside, if we would only stop being distracted by low vibrational distortions and toxic environment. It is time to be stronger than the world around you, and shine your light from within. The fire of spirit is indestructible.

Katy Sophia 17.03.2023

Vernal Equinox Northern Hemisphere 20.03.2023 @21.25 GMT /UT

New Moon in Aries 21.03.2023 @17.23 GMT /UT

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