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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – Exploding Illusions

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is about truth versus illusion, and ripping away the veils. Mass hypnotic agendas create their own reality, and it is time to detach. Magical invocations, stories and illusions hold people trapped in a bardo-like state. Waking up means seeing the light of a new day. As the Sun of awakening, the winged disk of Ra elevates above the horizon, the darkness and shadows are dispelled. Dissolving from inky black to indigo, red, violet, amber and gold, the sky illuminates and the darkness is no more.

This total eclipse is visible from Antarctica, the opposite pole from the annular eclipse of June 10 this year. Themes that emerged on the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 will be wrapping up now. Issues of truth and freedom, communication, and opening your mind to see the bigger picture, are presenting themselves. Look at what has been going on for you in the last six months, and you will see what you are completing now. If you felt like you were on shaky ground during the recent lunar eclipse in Taurus, two weeks ago, this is your reset point.

Sagittarius is symbolised by the Arrow, and it represents single-pointed focus. This is a time of determination. Focus your mind so intensely that nothing can stop you. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury, and squaring Neptune. Illusion and delusion weaken your focus, they serve to confuse and scatter your energies. Internal focus has never been so important. Be alert to glamour and illusion, deception and false promises. This is happening on a grand scale. However, the power of one focused mind can create miracles.

As Mars makes its way through Scorpio, we have the power to name the poisons and render the scorpions harmless. Like Isis, who named and mastered seven scorpions, and deactivated them one by one. We need to see clearly what is in our environment, so that we can name, master and control the toxic dangers while maintaining our Sovereignty. Mars is making a trine to Neptune in Pisces, and this is a time for purging and releasing poisons, physical, environmental, emotional, psychological, karmic and collective.

As Venus conjuncts Pluto in late Capricorn, ask to be shown how you have been affected by all the changes in society since 2008. On a personal level, what does this mean for you in terms of relationships? It is time to gather your talents and gifts to create practical offerings, and form alliances with soul family. The seismic shifts we have gone through have left us all in different places, and the way forward should now be becoming clear.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are also in quincunx to Uranus, so this is another Uranian lunation of unpredictable events. This serves the purpose of a greater awakening. The combination of Uranus in quincunx to the Sagittarian solar eclipse, with the square to Neptune, signifies a powerful time of exploding lies and deception. The truth is being unveiled. Many more will see it. The balance is shifting – people are waking up – anything could happen.

Allow this new moon solar eclipse to be your reset point. Meditate and let go of everything. Your whole life up until now has been leading you to this point. Open your eyes to a reality you never dreamed of. Existence is deeper and wider, higher and more brilliant than we could ever have conceived. Uranus is the thunderbolt of awakening. Sagittarius is the Seer, whose single-pointed focus achieves the searing white hot blaze of a comet, incandescent, unstoppable, Divine.

We pray that the truth will prevail for all humanity.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Blessings

Katy Sophia 04.12.2021

New Moon Solar Eclipse 12° Sagittarius 4 December 2021 @ 07.43 GMT /UT

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