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New Moon in Scorpio 4 November – Lunar Samhain

The New Moon in Scorpio is a time of deep introspection, as the Sun and Moon conjoin in the sign of piercing the veils. While the Sun traverses Scorpio, the veils are drawn back and it is possible to see more deeply into life, through the masks of people’s everyday personas, detecting hidden agendas and ulterior motives. This is a time when the spirit world draws closer, and during Halloween and lunar Samhain we can connect with our ancestors and those who have passed over. Pay attention to your dreams, and the presence of loved ones around you.

Energy protection is vital at this time, as you may be more vulnerable to psychic attacks, conscious or unconscious. Collective fears float through the ether, karma and mass illusions and hypnosis can surround and submerge you if you do not keep your energy field clear. Scorpio is the sign of bringing the darkness to light. Many are trapped in the deep murky waters of the lower emotions and astral realms. Conversely, they may be more receptive to our light at this time.

The new moon is a new beginning and a focal point of this energy. It is a pause for introspection, reflection and release, before beginning a new cycle. It is a powerful night for meditation, visioning and journeying, as Scorpio is also the sign of magic and alchemy. The key of Scorpio is to transmute the lower astral realms, and cease being controlled by the lower emotions. When this sign is in the Ascendant, it is known as the Battle for the Soul, as to conquer all the demons of the lower self, the Soul must take charge.

This a powerful time for recognising and releasing unconscious patterns of behaviour, bringing in the light and activating more life force energy. We are building towards a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus /Scorpio on 19 November, and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 4 December. So some major energy clearing is coming up, the full moon lunar eclipse this month will be more about emotions and relationships, and the solar eclipse will be about regeneration of self, revealing a deeper level of truth and preparing for 2022.

The new moon in Scorpio always reveals the shadows, hidden fears and dramas playing out in our lives. However, this lunation has a more uncomfortable, ‘spiky’ feel than usual as the Sun and Moon are in exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus, and square to Saturn in Aquarius. This creates a ‘T-square’ aspect which can bring tension and friction. The Scorpio Taurus opposition is about mind and body, the deep psyche and psychology versus material, physical life. It asks you to balance mind and body, questioning deeply while also being content where you are. Uranian energy brings shocks and surprises, and the square to Saturn may bring up things you would rather not deal with. Responsibilities arise that need taking care of, so stay on your toes. It is likely that people will be triggered into emotional reactions and dramas. Remember to anchor deeply into the earth, and connect to your column of light. Standing in your authority and being thorough and methodical is the key to dealing with this aspect.

Lunar Samhain is a powerful, magical time for connecting to the spirit world and the ancestors. Strength can be gained from honouring your ancestors, and giving gratitude for all they have gone through. All over the world, from Tibet, the Celtic lands, to Mexico and South America, people give honour to the dead at this time. The Scorpio new moon is also Diwali in the Hindu tradition, the Festival of Lights. This holy day celebrates the Victory of the Light over the Darkness. The Hindu sages in their great wisdom knew that this is what is needed at this time.

The Sun and Moon at 12° Scorpio are conjunct an occult star, Acrux, which is related to astrology, spirituality and metaphysics. There is also a conjunction with two fortunate stars, Alphecca, which brings honour, dignity and brilliance; and Menken, related to wisdom, astrology, divination, medicine, and music. So this is an extra potent new moon in Scorpio, as well as being a Super Moon.

The dark Goddess is fully present and active, the Sun and Moon are in quincunx to Black Moon Lilith. This brings the energy of Kali, Sekhmet, Hecate. It is time to embrace your shadows, and dive deep into your own soul, bringing a more powerful and profound essence into embodiment. Do not be afraid of your power. We are called to be more Present, more Powerful, more Profound. Once you have faced the darkness in your own soul, nothing can make you afraid anymore.

Arise, fearless One

Dark Goddess

Stand in your Power

We join with our ancestors’ strength and might

Our hearts united in ancient fight

We draw our wisdom from deepest night

We will know the Victory of the Light

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 03.11.21

Artwork: Mia Araujo - Isis

New Moon 12° Scorpio Super Moon 4 November @ 21.14 UT

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