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New Moon in Pisces – Anchoring the Vision

The New Moon at 1° Pisces is the last new moon of the astrological year. The Sun has just entered Pisces, the sign of oceanic wisdom and dissolution, where it is joined by the Moon. In this, the culmination of the last twelve months, we distil the essence of what we have learned.

In the past month, the Aquarian energies brought in the new. We are in the midst of heightened solar activity, and a major X class solar flare is due to ‘land’ today. Aquarius is the energy of wind, air, the breath of life, and electromagnetic frequencies. You may be feeling somewhat frazzled, and needing to rest and recharge after the intense downloads and elevated frequencies.

Pisces brings in the water energy, where excess intensity can be washed away. This is an ideal time for ritual bathing and cleansing, in seasalt and precious oils, or visiting holy wells and springs. We return to the womb of the Great Mother, and wash away negativity, tension, fatigue, doubt, confusion, and past trappings of your former life.

Pisces the twelfth sign contains the key to the mysteries. The ocean of wisdom, it is the portal to life and death. It is the womb of becoming, the amniotic fluid, and the anointing waters of a new life. Here you can dream and vision a new way, a new creation and expression of your soul force. Like a butterfly inside a chrysalis, you are preparing for the spirit fire of Aries to initiate a new cycle.

Pisces is symbolised by the fish, which is an ancient symbol of Christianity. There are many tales of water beings bringing advanced knowledge, like the Dogon tribe of West Africa who tell of dolphin beings coming from the stars, bringing wisdom teachings to the people. The whales themselves are higher beings, and it is vitally important to protect our oceans and honour these wisdom keepers.

The dual symbol of the fish of Pisces contains the choice you must make. Do you spiral down into materialism, entangled ever deeper with karmic relationships and self-serving choices, falling prey to addictions of all kinds? Or do you swim upwards, like the salmon swimming upstream to the place of its birth, rising ever higher with your own efforts to contact the stream of spirit, as you join with the flow of your soul?

Pisces contains the essence of all twelve signs, and feels the entire gamut of emotions. Naturally empathic, life is a sea of vibrations and it can be hard to have boundaries and direction. People with strong Pisces energy have to work hard to find their inner strength, so as not to be a pushover in life. Gentleness can unfortunately be mistaken for weakness in this world, and compassionate giving can be taken advantage of. To feel the oneness of all life, and to remain strongly anchored to spirit, not swayed by meaningless driftwood, is the core lesson of Pisces.

In this time of fluidity and flow, allow yourself to release all that has gone before, and be washed clean in the waters of the Great Mother. Allow the silt to settle, so you become completely clear. Let the guidance of your soul shine like a beacon so you have no doubt, as to the brilliance of who you are.

The new moon is conjunct Saturn in the last degrees of Aquarius, lending a serious tone to contemplations. When Saturn enters Pisces, it will bring a backbone to the fluidity of the waters. This time is about finding the strength in your soul to be who you are in the world, anchoring your dreams and manifesting them in the earth element, making them strong. Feel that strength guiding your visions as you meditate on this new moon, supported by earth and sky, balanced and aligned with your soul.

You are a Child of the Goddess & a Child of the Universe

Loved, accepted, supported

Your purpose is necessary in the great scheme of creation

Step forward now and find your note in the great symphony of time

Your birth right is to manifest your destiny on earth

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 20.02.2023

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