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New Moon in Aquarius – Cosmic Frequency Shift

The New Moon in Aquarius brings a breath of fresh air after the challenging energies of the past month. This is the beginning of new cycle, and it ushers in powerful Aquarian frequencies to assist us in our quest for freedom.

The 1st of February is Imbolc in the Celtic tradition. Imbolc is the festival of early spring, when we feel the first stirrings of life after the barren winter, the snows begin to melt, and tender green shoots push up through the earth, bringing hope and optimism, and the promise of life returning. This is the time when the earth naturally regenerates.

Despite being in breezy Aquarius, this new moon has some weighty aspects to it, and we still have a lot of Capricornian energy at play. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Saturn, lending a serious tone to the day, and reminding us of our responsibilities. Saturn is ruling over four planets in Capricorn: the twinned pairings of Mars and Venus, and Mercury and Pluto. Relationships are now focused on building solid foundations for the future. Communications are deep and intense, pragmatic and practical. Mercury retrograde is still causing delays, misunderstandings and hitches, as the slow machinations of Capricorn wind backwards for a little longer.

The Sun, Moon and Saturn are all squaring Uranus in Taurus, which brings more unpredictable events, shocks and surprises. This lunation is very powerful, because the Sun and Moon are conjunct the mundane ruler of Aquarius, and squaring the modern ruler. Conflicts and tensions between the old and the new are brought sharply into focus at this time. It is possible to channel the Uranian energy of the new paradigm to create shifts and changes. This may seem sudden and mind-blowing to some. Shift happens – change happens.

Aquarius the Water Bearer carries the cosmic frequencies of light and life force. This is the water of Life – electromagnetic energy. The planet Uranus carries the codes of awakening and ascension. Sparks may fly on this new moon – make sure you are prepared, and flexible on your feet. We must stand our ground as the earth shifts beneath us, and the frequency shifts bring us to where we are meant to be.

Aquarius is fixed air, which is actually inward moving air, like an in-halation and in-spiration. The miracle of our breath is that we keep breathing in until the moment we die. The breath of life is prana, life force. It gives life, and allows us to be here in time and space experiencing our reality. When we inhale the breath of life, we are inspired with divinity. So Aquarius inhales from the divine source of all life, and pours the pitcher of water: electromagnetic energy to all souls. The essence of Aquarius is giving. What use is light, what use is life, if we don’t give to those around us?

The shadow of Aquarius is being detached and disconnected, cold and aloof, fixed in the realm of intellect and science without being connected to the heart. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, we can see this all too clearly happening around us. We have not even entered into the full potency of this age yet, still exiting from the Age of Pisces with its gurus and illusions, and principle of sacrifice. Now is the time to step into the true meaning of Aquarian energy in all its light and glory. Those of us who are switched on and aware, must live as beacons to others, leading by example of how to live in an evolved way. Everything needs to change. We are feeling this pressure now as cracks in the 3D matrix appear, and those light bearers pouring their pitchers of awakening reach in to souls emerging from the destruction.

The message of this new moon is to connect to your inner truth, and walk the path of freedom no matter what. The cosmic frequency shift is here, and will open up for those who choose it.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 1.2.2022

Artwork: Moon Goddess by Kamille Freske

New Moon 12° Aquarius 1 February @ 05.46 GMT /UT

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