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New Moon in Aquarius 11 February – Inspired Action creates Change

This New Moon heralds the beginning of an exciting time for humanity. With six planets in Aquarius, Aquarian energy is supercharged. It is time to recognise our universal family, and our brothers and sisters everywhere. Collaboration and community is the way forward. With the outpouring of electromagnetic life-force energy from Uranus, the Great Awakener, genius ideas are literally palpable and inspiration will guide us, if we let it.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all conjunct, so electrifying thoughts and ideas are stimulated at this time, although issues with Mercury retrograde may be intensified for the next few days. Expect travel and communications to go awry, with delays and tech glitches, and you can take it in your stride if you allow for it. This is a time for introspection, and telepathic connections. Trust your higher mind, and don’t get bogged down in 3D thinking. It is good to take a pause, step back, and go within for the new moon.

Venus and Jupiter are in exact conjunction, the two brightest planets in the sky merging their energies. The planet of Love and the planet of Wisdom create a higher love, and a marriage of wisdom and beauty that is heavenly and beneficent. Existing relationships will be nourished by this aspect, and understanding will grow. New soul connections could come into play, and soul connections from the past may appear to be cleared and resolved. Venus and Jupiter sit in between Mercury and Saturn, all in Aquarius. Mercury here is looking to the future and ways to communicate better. Saturn brings a serious tone to relationships and creative endeavours, reminding us to put the ground under our feet, and make sure stable foundations are in place.

Saturn is the mundane ruler of Aquarius, grounding the energy of electric ideas and the ethereal flow of information into new structures that are aligned with the future of humanity. Aquarius rules technology, and also a new humanity so the two must be aligned. We cannot have technology advancing without evolution of consciousness. We need to put the brakes on where science is advancing without ethics, in fields such as medicine, genetics and reproduction; and also technologies that harm the human energy field which is electromagnetic in nature. All is frequency; we must educate ourselves on frequency so we do not blindly accept harmful rays into our environment.

Jupiter in Aquarius is bringing the spirit of wisdom and love of humanity, to ensure that our choices truly benefit all. It is time to hold the vision of a wholistic future, a healthy new earth where all beings live in harmony with nature and all creation. We hold the vision now, and take steps towards it. As we walk forwards together, we hold the hands of our children and our deep love and hope for humanity.

Mars in Taurus is creating squares to the planets in Aquarius, and opposition is making itself known in the form of conflicts, arguments, restrictions, and stubborn out-dated thinking. As we rise we must detach and untangle ourselves from angry altercations and wasting energy in pointless exchanges. This time heralds the new; it is enough to hold the inner faith and embody your sovereignty and truth.

We are beginning to feel the effects of the Saturn Uranus square, which will last throughout 2021, until the end of 2022. Uranus is the ruler of all the planets in Aquarius, and, in the sign of Taurus, symbolises the energy of embodied awakening. The lightning frequencies are illuminating the earth element, and the vision held by so many for a new way of living. In square to Saturn, this creates a friction between the old and new. We are seeing very clearly the divisions in people’s thinking and view of reality. The people who want to conform and obey, and accept limitations out of fear, are at odds with those who have liberated their minds and are seeing the big picture, holding a vision for the future.

This is no time for sitting on the fence. We must be absolutely clear in our thinking and seeing, in order to be shown the way forward. Freedom fighters for humanity the time is now! Inspired action creates the change we seek. We hold the vision, and allow ourselves to be guided by the electric flow of life force, light codes, and Divine Inspiration.

On this New Moon, take some time to open to the flow of ascension energies and allow yourself to be guided. What changes could you make, that would change your life and the lives around you? What new path is opening up for you now? What is the bridge to the future you envision, and the dreams you hold in your heart? Have faith in what you are shown, and walk the path.

Be the change – The time is now – We are the ones we’ve been waiting for

Katy Sophia 10.02.2021

New Moon at 23 Aquarius on 11 February at 19.05 GMT /UT

Artist: Sarah Jean Sibli

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