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July Energies - Love, Light & Power

Welcome to the month of July with its powerful energies of Sirius rising, Venus rising, the Sun entering Leo, and the Lions Gate. This month has huge scope for emotional healing, and regeneration of deep soul connections and sacred relationships.


We are beginning the month with the Sun, Mercury, Venus in Cancer. Emotions are running high in the collective consciousness, thoughts and feelings. The focus is on family and relationships, and the important connections in your life.


Saturn, Lord of Karma, went retrograde on 29 June and this cycle will last until 15 November. Take a look at the degrees of 12* - 20* Pisces in your chart, and see which house it falls in for you. This time period is about going back over the structures of your life, and checking that they are sound. Look at your material reality, your finances, your provisions for the future and see what could be strengthened. This is not a time for taking risks or shortcuts, or they will backfire. Saturn wants to know that your foundations are solid.


The Mercury Pluto opposition is dominating the first week of July, bringing a deep level of reflection and introspection. You may receive information on what needs healing in the subconscious mind, and how you can heal and transform communications with others. This can also be about communication blocks and the necessity to take back your power.


2 July Mercury enters Leo, and the general mood becomes lighter as people express themselves in a more fiery, outgoing way. Creative self-expression and heart centred connections will prevail, with a few egos clashing along the way.


2 July Neptune retrograde: the planet of high spiritual energy goes into retrograde, signalling a shift to deeper meditation and channelling possibilities, inward reflection and the need for healing.


5 July New Moon in Cancer conjunct Sirius: this is an extremely sensitive and psychic new moon, in the water sign of cancer. At 14* the Sun and Moon are conjunct the star Sirius. This is an incredible gateway aligning with the Sun Sirius conjunction which can be felt between 2 – 10 July, exact on 5-6 -7 July. Sirius is the “Higher Star” to our Sun, and this gateway brings an influx of light codes, ascension energies and higher frequency upgrades. These must be consciously channelled and integrated to be fully embodied.


10 July Venus rises as the Evening Star at 29* Cancer – preparing for the Ascent of Inanna. Venus has been in the underworld since 28 April, and She rises again bringing her blessings as the Evening Star. This time she is making her Ascent as the Leo Goddess, reclaiming all her gifts and power, and transforming what was experienced on the descent between last August and April.


11 July Venus enters Leo: this is a time for the Goddess to truly shine within all of us. Venus is in the synodic cycle of Leo, and this 19 month period is about burning through to the pure authenticity of the heart, releasing all that is blocking your light, and becoming the Sovereign Lion /Lioness in your life.


12 July Venus comes into opposition with Pluto, and you may see the obstructions in your relationships past and present. Fated or karmic love may appear. This is a time for deep soul healing and transforming your past trauma into power.


15 – 16 July Mars Uranus conjunction at 26* Taurus: this is an explosive energy and in the earth sign of Taurus, may causes disruptions, breakthroughs, electric encounters, and an increased possibility of accidents so take extra care.


20 July Mars enters Gemini: the Divine Masculine becomes a warrior of words. Communications become energised, impulsive and dynamic. This is a great time for networking and community activities.


21 July Full Moon in Capricorn 29* conjunct Pluto, trine Mars & Uranus

This is the second full moon in Capricorn, and at the 29th degree is an extremely powerful and sacred moon. Capricorn is about consolidation, and reflecting on the pinnacle of material and spiritual achievement. This full moon is conjunct Pluto, which can bring out the shadow, and all that is hidden. There is a trine to Mars and Uranus in the aftermath of their conjunction. This brings the ability to integrate new changes in a positive way.


22 July Sun enters Leo, its own sign. We enter the solar light and warmth of the regal lion, and the leonine ones. During this month we radiate the qualities of sovereignty, authenticity, confidence, courage, heart-centredness, enthusiasm, playfulness and dignity. Recognise that you are a spiritual sovereign in your own life.


22 July the Sun Pluto opposition brings the shadows to light. You may be confronted with issues you had suppressed, controlling individuals or challenging situations. This is about standing in your power, and not allowing yourself to be overpowered by anyone or anything.


25 July the Mayan Day out of Time is a window between worlds, a day out of time where nothing is seen to be of any consequence. A day to travel interdimensionally and receive transcendent information.


25 July Mercury enters Virgo and the planet of mind becomes analytical, precise and focused on minutiae. Conversations may become more nit-picky, as the discriminating mind predominates thoughts and communications.


26 July Lions Gate opens until 12 August

During this powerful portal Sirius is rising with the Sun. A time that was honoured in ancient Egypt, which heralded the flooding of the Nile and the semen of Osiris bringing fertility to the land. Our Sun is tied to Sirius in the Sothic Cycle. So this is the true new year – when these two stars align bringing new light and new life.


In the month of July, anything is possible. The scope for healing, release, regeneration and soul empowerment is immense.


If you would like a personal Astrological consultation, I am here as always to offer sensitive reflections on your soul path, helping you find the keys to unlock patterns, release the wisdom and shift to the next level.

If you are called to learn astrology, or deepen your study, I invite you to check out the Astro Retreat Luxor, taking place in October. The last group had an amazing time, and the journey continues!

If you are guided to an Akashic reading on the second Full Moon in Capricorn, I offer this combined with distance Sekhem energy healing, and clients give wonderful feedback on these sessions.

The next Sacred Journey through Egypt is taking place in November, it is almost full and only two places remain! We are blessed to have private access in the Isis Temple at Philae Island, where we will do priestess of Isis initiations at dawn. We also have our private Soul Healing ceremony in the Great Pyramid of Giza, a once in a lifetime experience.

Wishing you a blessed month of Sirian energies

Love & blessings

Katy x

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