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Full Moon in Scorpio 27 April – Beltane / Wesak - Phoenix of Ascension

The full moon in Scorpio is a sacred Moon of powerful alchemy and ascension. It affects us for three days before and three days after the full moon day. This is lunar Beltane, the fire festival of May Day, when young lovers would dance under the moon and choose who they would marry. Beltane is a celebration of sacred sexuality, connected with the rising fire energy of spring. The colour red is associated with this cycle on the Celtic wheel.

The Full Moon illuminates Scorpio themes of sacred sex, alchemy, healing, and the continual death and rebirth processes of life. This is a Moon of pure power, which must be honoured. Scorpio heals by bringing the shadows to light. Whatever is suppressed, hidden, taboo, locked away is likely to be revealed. The sign of deep emotional waters, prepare for your own emotional recesses to be purged, with stagnant waters seeing the light of day in order to be cleansed and released.

This is a time to meditate deeply, and focus on spiritual and emotional healing. Our demons can only scare us when they are locked in the basement. Once they are released, they evaporate in the sunlight, unable to withstand the brilliance of spirit. As we release ourselves from the grip of our personal demons, so may the evil lurking in the depths of the world be brought out into the light of day. May all the shadows be revealed, so we can see the truth clearly and hold them to account.

This full moon also marks the festival of Wesak, or Buddha Purnima. The birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha are celebrated on this day, and the results of spiritual practice are magnified manifold. When you consciously tune in and align with the Divine Power, the Source, your guides and guardians, many powerful blessings are available during this window. Use your body as a conduit to channel these energies into the earth, as together we pray for humanity.

The full moon is opposite a stellium in Taurus. The Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury are together in Taurus within 9 degrees. We have a predominance of Taurean energy right now: in fixed earth, this brings strength and stability to projects; it can also bring stubbornness and rigid thinking. Relationships are sensual, and we have the ability to manifest our dreams in a tangible way. Communications tend to be practical and unhurried, although Uranus is shaking things up and bringing shocks and surprises along the way. Be prepared for changes and moves, depending on where this falls in your natal chart.

The Taurus Scorpio opposition brings the focus onto mind and body. Taurus is body consciousness, the earth, the material aspects of life, and the focus is on enjoying life through the senses and creating your heaven on earth. It is the sign of embodiment, when fully connected to divinity. Scorpio is concerned with the complexities of the mind, emotions and spirit. The lower aspect is symbolised by the scorpion, armed with the toxic venom of the lower astral emotions, ready to strike and take revenge. Once these lower energies are overcome, Scorpio then becomes the eagle soaring above, with laser vision seeing the whole truth, no longer fettered by the pull of toxic addictions. As healing alchemy is mastered, Scorpio becomes the phoenix, and the kundalini rises transforming all that went before, igniting and expanding into spirit.

This full moon has an extra depth of feelings, as the Moon is trine Mars which has just entered Cancer. The co-ruler of Scorpio is in the sign of watery feelings and emotional mastery. So don’t be surprised if feelings you weren’t even aware of come up, and you seem more emotional around this time. Mars is leading the Divine Masculine aspect within us all to be more vulnerable, open, and connected to intuition and dreams. Men can be strong at this time by connecting to their feminine aspect, and expressing caring and nurturing qualities.

The Moon is square to Saturn in Aquarius, creating a T-square formation. Obstacles may arise at this complex time, as many different energies are influencing us. We have the powerful energies of awakening and the light codes coming in from spirit. We have the ability to transform our world and our surroundings, and align to our highest life path. However, Saturn in Aquarius speaks of restrictions in our local environment and the world community. We are all well aware of the restrictions on travel, gatherings and simply living our lives. This is the snare at this powerful time and we must navigate it wisely.

How powerful is the human spirit? The truth is it is powerful enough to overcome all obstacles, all imprisonment, all slavery. How many of us realise this? Not enough. The majority are the ugly ducklings being kicked around in the farmyard, not realising they are swans. The bird growing up with chickens in a coop, not realising it is an Eagle. It is time for us to spread our wings now. They are so much bigger than we know. With focused prayer and intention, we can elevate and levitate. May the bird of spirit become the phoenix. May the fire of spirit come from within, and illuminate all darkness.

“A heart filled with love is like a phoenix no cage can imprison.”


“You have seen my descent. Now watch my rising.”


Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 26.04.2021

Full Moon at 7° Scorpio, on 27 April @ 03.31 UT. Pink Moon, Supermoon

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