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Full Moon in Leo 28 January – Arise, Sovereign, Arise

The Full Moon shines its reflective light into the fiery sign of Leo, illuminating the qualities of heartfelt creativity, sovereignty, divinity, dignity, courage and grace. May the moonlight illuminate that part of us that knows how to live free from fear. Like the lion, we can access that regal heart and shine with the brilliance of our own light. On this full moon, may we contemplate our birth right as human beings, and the dignity and grace that are bestowed upon us by the Divine.

What is freedom? What is sovereignty? We may not really know these things until they are called into question, and we have to stand up and live according to our values. Will we allow others to dictate our rights? Our health? Our free movement? What are we really living for? If our lives are but a façade they will crumble. It is time for the true heart to emerge.

The Leo Aquarius axis is about sovereignty and freedom. Leo is the individual boldly expressing their unique beauty and flair, and encouraging others to do the same. Aquarius is the individual dedicating their genius to the collective, to humanity. The Sun is in exact conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius on this day. Jupiter is in fact the esoteric ruler of Aquarius; bringing wisdom and humanity to the desire for progress; ensuring that progress isn’t driven purely by technology and science, divorced from real human lives and the planet. While Jupiter is in Aquarius, the Gods are bestowing their favour so that we can assert our humanity and connection to all that is sacred. We do not consent to a dark dystopian future that has nothing to do with who we are, and our birth right upon the Earth.

So the Moon in Leo is the Sovereign Heart, and the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius is the light of true progress and evolution for humanity. But these planets are under pressure, as we know. There is a tight T-square aspect with Mars and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn is also conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. So on many levels there are restrictions and oppositions, but these can serve as a catalyst for us to fully embody our light. The presence of Saturn denotes physical limitations and obstacles which we need to overcome. Saturn is in Aquarius which is the Lightest sign for it to be in. So it can assist in propelling us forward into the Aquarian age, if we join with its power and work with the energies at play, not against them.

A T-square creates a tension of opposites and a friction that cannot be ignored – the key to releasing this energy is to work with the planets at the apex which are Mars and Uranus. Since early January Mars has been activating Uranus in Taurus, bringing down the light of awakening and transformation into our everyday lives. In Taurus, this is all about earth changes, changes in the way we live our daily lives, living in a sustainable healthy way as we activate the New Earth. So we have no choice now: we have to live it. In order to preserve our dignity, our sovereignty, our humanity. We must live in the way we believe, from the inside out.

Venus, the planet of love is paired with Pluto right now, bringing an intensity to relationships and a depth of soul love into view. This time is about coming into alignment with your soul, so take heed of what you are shown. Clearing and releasing of the past, connecting to your own power and light, and the strength and wisdom of the feminine are vital. Many things may be revealed. Every person in your life, every connection no matter how small, is a fated connection and is there to teach you something. We have a great opportunity for healing and release of relationships and karmic ties.

On this full moon, may we bask in the radiance of who we truly are. May the Light of Divinity eclipse all else. As the spark in our hearts connects to the fiery light of the Sovereign Heart, the lion-hearted guardians, the leonine ones, may we know the eternal flame of our true nature that can never be destroyed.

Katy Sophia 28.01.2021

Artwork: Icon of Sekhmet by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Full Moon 9° Leo 28 January 19.16 GMT - Wolf Moon

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